My Son On The Tallest Building In The World

This message was written to our son one day after he left home for missions training: Dear Coree Balsamo, is it ironic that you posted that first missions photo from the tallest building in the world? No way! It’s a sign about your future and the awesome leader you shall be! It’s a sign about the lifesaving mission you shall build, and how it will stand out from everything like it! To me, there no doubt about it.

[Instagram Photo: Coree from the tallest building in the world in Dubai]

We were so happy to receive your text at 2am. Thanks for group texting us. Mom said, “Coree is half way around the world and he’s still waking us up in the middle of the night!” LOL

We love you so much and we miss you, But our sadness has now turned to into overwhelming joy!

To see you so bold and daring and out there all alone pursuing your worthwhile dream. You have made mom and me cry harder than we’ve ever cried. You’ve made us more proud than you can imagine. The steps you’ve taken are legendary. And this is just the beginning!

Do it! Never look back!

And always remember that you are never really alone (Matthew 28:18-20).

Today, as I write this message, Coree is on his way to Bangkok, Thailand for an 18 hour layover. Then on to Sydney, and to Christchurch, New Zealand. In NZ, he will be trained at the greatest missionary training school in the world!

Read Coree’s story at Pray for him, and donate to his mission if you can ($5000 left to raise).

God bless you all.

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