Jazz Up Your Career Life In 7 Steps (Part 1)

There are millions of people around this world who are miserable about their career path. Most of them are angry or depressed. They are like ticking time bombs. That’s because there seems to be no hope for them. But there is hope! You can definitely create a better career life for yourself! Let me show you how.

Jazz Up Your Career Life In 7 Steps.

Seven steps is a lot cover in one blog. So, I’ve broken this message into two parts. Today, in part one I will cover steps 1-3.

Step 1. Discover your reason to work.

This is where it begins. To jazz up your career life, you must know why you will dedicate large portions of your life to this or that. The real achievers in any career field are those who truly know their reason for working.

Some people work for family. Others work for an awesome charity they support. Some people work for hobbies. Others work for exotic vacations. What is it for you?

Write a list of all the reasons you currently work. Then, expand that list until your reason to work is bigger than any resistance you might have.

In other words, create a life outside of work that makes you want to work. Then, when you hit the obstacles you will overcome them quickly. Because, sacrifice is nothing when your reason is clear.

Step 2. Discover your preferred kind of work.

Are you a jack of many trades and the master of none? Congratulations on your many talents. But, pick something and become an expert!

What kind of work are you good at? What kind of work do you enjoy? Some people say, “I don’t enjoy any kind of work, and I never will!” Lol, that’s funny, but it’s not true.

Trust me, there is a career path for you. And once you discover it, you will think you died and went to heaven.

Each year, you’re learning more about yourself and the opportunities that exist. You’re smarter and wiser now than you were last year. This puts you in a better position to figure out what you really want to do with your life.

Here is a free resource to help you figure it out. It’s my eWorkbook Here To There – Mapping Your Next Steps. Click here to get your free copy!

Step 3. Do more of your preferred kind of work.

After you discover your preferred kind of work, you have to move decidedly in that new direction! I know it’s scary to think of blazing a new trail. Especially if that other path is all you’ve known. But, how many more years are you doing to live in misery?

Don’t be afraid. Don’t say you’re too old, or you’re unqualified. Take bold initiative. Sign up for classes. Volunteer for internships. Relocate to another town or city.

Whatever it takes. Find a way to do more of your preferred kind of work. Even if this means less money at first. Because happiness at work leads to greater success!

Again: Step 1. Discover your reason to work. Step 2. Discover your preferred kind of work. Step 3. Do more of your preferred kind of work.

You can create the kind of life you don’t need a vacation to escape it. It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself of for someone else. Start wherever you are and rise.

On your mark, get set, go!

I’ll post part 2 of this message (and the other 4 steps) on Thursday morning. I think you’ll love it!

Question: What else are you doing to jazz up your career life? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment!

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