Are You Living At Peak Satisfaction?

Some people work hard and reward themselves well, but they are not satisfied. Others sacrifice time, strength and hard earned money for selfless causes. They keep less for themselves, but they have the gift of peak satisfaction. That’s because, peak satisfaction is not found while seeking for it. Peak satisfaction is God’s gift to all who serve a higher purpose. Let me explain.

In my book, Make Me A Legend, I wrote about living for a higher purpose:

If we sleep now, we can be sure that this world we’ve been given will be handed to the next generation no better—and probably a whole lot worse than it was when we first received it.

Humankind will consume until there is nothing left for those who come after us. And we will die bloated with personal achievement, yet starving to death from a deprivation of legacy. It’s the paradox of never really living for a higher purpose.

As loudly as I can say this, I’m appealing to anyone who will hear me now. Let’s see this current world as it really is, and see where it is really going. Our civilization is speeding down into hell with very little resistance to stop it. In America and in many other increasingly humanist nations, our tamed religion has little effect on the surging evils of our day.

We have no idea what we’re walking into. Look at the ground! A thickening darkness rises up over our ankles like the creepy fog in a chilling horror film. This is the beginning of the end unless we wake up now and do something awesome!

These words deviate off topic slightly, but definitely add to the conversation. I don’t want to die bloated with personal achievement, yet starving to death from a deprivation of legacy. It really is the paradox of never really living for a higher purpose.

Some people find satisfaction on Netflix. Others find satisfaction in nature. Some find it with hobbies, and others by working on their house and yard.

These are great paths to temporary satisfaction, but none of them will give you peak satisfaction.

To reach peak satisfaction, you must do more than build something, acquire something, or experience something.

Dedicate your life to a higher purpose. Determine that you will leave a good mark on your generation. Help to solve a huge crisis in your bloodline, or in your nation and world.

Then, you will feel that higher purpose surging through your veins, and you will be happier than you can imagine!

To live for a higher purpose, you must overcome the temptation to live for a lesser one.

When you’re a young person, it’s easy to say, “I don’t have time for a higher purpose, because I’m hanging out with friends, and paying for cars and houses, and doing sports with my kids, etc.”

When you’re older, you might say, “I’ve worked hard all of my life and now it’s time for me.”

Linda White, a retired friend said it like this: “As you get older, you will be increasingly drawn to convenience. But you can fight that current and make a difference to the end!”

I agree with Linda! Everyone can fight that current and make a difference to the end! Let’s do that.

Questions: What changes will you make to live for a higher purpose and reach peak satisfaction? Leave your comments.

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10 thoughts on “Are You Living At Peak Satisfaction?

  1. The longer I live, the more I realize the truth if this post! I have never felt more “right” on the inside, or that I’ve accomplished something, as when I give some of my own opportunities for satisfaction away.

    Peak satisfaction, to me, is simple but easy to forget. Knowing what that higher purpose is, is knowing what God desires…

    Note to self: Wake up each day with the goal to give something of yourself away, somehow. Invest in children with your wisdom.. Give to the poor.. Go shopping for a shut-in.. Pray for someone.. Let others know about the Good News.

    Sometimes these opportunities just come to me but sometimes I have to seek them out on purpose. I know I would be a happier me if I really practiced the higher purpose of my life!

  2. There is value in your present. This resonated with me while reading your blog. Personally, I forget that right now is what will propel me to ny future plans. Preparing now to reach my specific higher calling. Thanks for the reminder. Never grow weary in the process. 🙂

  3. I believe if you want to reach peak satisfaction it will come when you stop thinking about yourself and think of others. There’s no better satisfaction than to see people come to Christ and know reach out and touch those that are less fortunate than you but need a helping hand. I can’t imagine going through life without knowing someone cares about you. My prayer is that God will use me to touch those around me so that I will have complete satisfaction.

    • This is where you truly excel, Dawn. Planting seeds of salvation, and caring for those who have no one else to care for them. I pray that God gives you new grace for this awesome calling you have on your life.

  4. I have recently considered that “getting older has its benefits”. Not only do we get to enjoy all those senior discounts, but God-moments are presented in curious and delightful ways. While we were busy working, we were oblivious to those moments but now as retirees, we can grasp them as they present themselves. So many opportunities to enjoy life at its peak! Thanks for your message!

    • Great point, Janet. There is so much opportunity to make a difference for those who are retired. I pray that God makes His plan clear to you. I pray that He leads you into a season of making the greatest difference you’ve ever made with your life. God bless you!