Expressing Honor In A Culture Of Dishonor

Emily and I met a nice lady on a recent hike. She didn’t have biological children, but she reminisced about her two spiritual sons. Sadly, they haven’t contacted her in almost a year. You could see the loneliness in her eyes. She said, “What have I done, to run them off?” But, more than likely she didn’t cause the separation. Unfortunately, these young men are the natural product of a bad culture. Dishonor is the norm today. Dishonor wrecks families, companies, and churches. It’s definitely wrecking our government and nation. But, we can express honor in this culture of dishonor!

Have you ever felt dishonored?

Uggh, it’s like death! To be dishonored is more painful than to break a bone or suffer with a severe illness.

The more you care about the person who is dishonoring you, the more it hurts. And the more it happens, the more you want to throw up your hands and say the heck with people! Haha, am I right?

The Bible has much to say about honor. For example: “Honor everyone. Love your brothers and sisters in the faith. Fear God. Honor the emperor.” (1 Peter 2:17 GW)

Honor those who are deserving, and honor those who are undeserving. Oftentimes, you have to find the one good quality in a person, and showcase it. Then, while everyone else speaks and acts foolishly with dishonor, you will be the one person of honor in your circle.

As hard as it is, you must hold on to God’s character, and keep expressing honor until the tide turns. Sooner or later, it catches on!

Here are 2 ways to express honor, in a culture of dishonor.

1. Honor big so it can’t be overlooked.

Think about those people who are contributing to your happiness. Think about Moms and Dads and Grandparents. Think about bosses and business owners. Think also about teachers, pastors, and church leaders. Who has sacrificed for you in the past, and who is sacrificing now to help you grow and become great?

Have you expressed your honor to these people lately? Honor should be given in every day expressions, of course. But, honor should be out of the ordinary too. It should be highly creative, and highly excessive.

Make a huge statement! Don’t think you can overdo it. Especially when the person is worthy of honor. Set a high standard of honor in your circle and it will spread like fire!

2. Honor even when you are dishonored.

I promise there will be many times when people will spit on your sacrifices. They will dishonor you with selfish and unkind words and actions. Some of them will even turn into enemies, and they will fight against you.

Remember the lady from the hike? Here was my advice to her: “Margie, don’t take it personal. These young men are distracted with the challenges of life. They are completely unaware of your pain. They’ve forgotten you in this new season, and that’s difficult to swallow. But, the differences you have made in their lives will go with them forever.”

When you are dishonored, don’t become cynical and cold. Focus on the differences you made for these people, and keep offering your life to each new person who asks for it.

Questions: Who are you currently taking for granted, and how can you make it up to them? How can you go big with your honor so that it can’t be overlooked?

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4 thoughts on “Expressing Honor In A Culture Of Dishonor

  1. Awesome blog entry! I think practicing a culture of honor also helps to keep your “fire” ablaze as well. In order to practice honor at the highest degree you need something more than yourself, it lends itself to greater dependence and relationship with God who is “in” you as opposed to what you can grasp of Him experientially from the “outside” of you. It’s more difficult to become cold and cynical towards others if you are deeply rooted in Christ. Fully grasping and walking in our identity in Christ changes everything. Thanks so much for a great nugget of wisdom 🙂

  2. So true and as we begin to go against the norm of today’s society and show honor–people will notice and prayerfully follow suit. Changing culture begins with one. Then two. Then a group. Eventually, the norm just may be honor if we never give up producing and reproducing honor. #WorldChangers