Jazz Up Your Career Life In 7 Steps (Part 2)

When your career life is awesome, then the rest of your life is awesome too. But if you are burnt out with your career, then you are burnt out with life. Am I right? It’s hard to be happy when 40-65 hours of your week is spent in misery. But, there is hope! You can build a better career life for yourself! Let me show you how.

In Jazz Up Your Career Life In 7 Steps (Part 1), I covered the first 3 steps. Step 1. Discover your reason to work. Step 2. Discover your preferred kind of work. Step 3. Do more of your preferred kind of work.

Today, in Jazz Up Your Career Life In 7 Steps (Part 2), I’m continuing this conversation. Here are the next 4 steps.

Step 4. Be 100% at work when you are at work.

When you feel good about the job you are doing, your conscience lets you feel happy. But, when you feel bad about the job you’re not doing, your conscience tortures you. If you are a spiritual person, you also have God’s conviction. It’s not natural or spiritual to feel good about poor integrity.

Therefore, to jazz up your career life (and generate more happiness in your life), you must GO BIG when you’re at work! Have integrity with yourself during the days and hours you are scheduled to work. Be 100% on when you’re supposed to be on.

When you give 100% everyone takes notice. That’s because most people in this world are content to work at 50-80% of their potential. When you go to 100%, you’ll stand out, and good things will happen!

Step 5. Be 100% at play when you are at play.

If you’re going to work at 100%, then you must learn to play at 100%! Otherwise you’ll fail to reset yourself. You’ll be living dangerously. And that always leads to burn-out and destruction.

To jazz up your career life, be far more intentional about your life outside of work. You do have a life outside of work, right? Lol, I hope so!

I recommend to my coaching clients: The more demanding and stressful your career is, the more frequently you should rest, play, and take mini-vacations. Top executives and business owners with far more responsibility than the average person should take a mini vacation every 4-6 weeks minimum!

Only you can figure this out for you. Gradually increase your play time until you’re mind is rested and happy! Reset yourself completely each 24 hours. Then, you’ll wake each next day fresh and ready to do it again.

Step 6. Improve your health and fitness.

As your physical condition improves, so do your opportunities for promotion. Everyone is inspired when a person drops 30, 50 or 100 pounds (and more). That’s because health and exercise require strict and uncommon self discipline. And when you master your health, you set yourself apart!

If you can master your physical condition, you can master any other area of your life.

Mike Ferry

To jazz up your career life, write a health plan and stick to it for one full year. Trash the junk food in your house. Stock your fridge with fresh fruits and veggies. Find an awesome exercise that excites you. Then, create accountability by sharing your plan with a few friends who are going for it to.

There are few things you can do that are equally as rewarding!

Step 7. Improve your attitude and personality.

Are you a likable person? Are you likable to multiple types of people? Or just to a small group of people who are just like you? No matter your career, you will make more money and get promoted more frequently as you improve your attitude. It’s a fact, people like to be around happy, grateful people.

This means you’ll need to overcome personality glitches like: rudeness, self focus, insecurity, jealousy, a short temper, and bitterness, etc.

To improve your attitude and personality:

  • Catch it from awesome people.
  • Focus on the blessings in your life and be thankful.
  • Forgive your offenders immediately.
  • Work on the spiritual side of your life.
  • Read awesome books. (Recommend: Blinkist App.)
  • Recite a list of daily affirmations. (Example: I’m a positive, happy person, and people like me!)
  • Follow the 7 steps suggested in these posts!

Again, here are the 7 steps: Step 1. Discover your reason to work. Step 2. Discover your preferred kind of work. Step 3. Do more of your preferred kind of work. Step 4. Be 100% at work when you are at work. Step 5. Be 100% at play when you are at play. Step 6. Improve your health and fitness. Step 7. Improve your attitude and personality.

Question: Which of these steps are you going to practice right away, and why? Leave a comment or question!

Have an awesome day.

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4 thoughts on “Jazz Up Your Career Life In 7 Steps (Part 2)

  1. I’m working on attitude first. That’s everything with my job being what it is. It’s so easy for me and my coworkers to start a complaint and anger fest. I also know that on days I had a good attitude I was able to encourage my coworkers so this is priority number for everybody’s good.

    • Tiana, awesome! You have the gift of encouragement, so you will often be put in situations where you are tempted to complain. But, if you continue to focus on giving the world your best you… what a difference you will make for people! Thanks for commenting on this post.

  2. Good Morning Pastor, We used Part 1 of this blog last night in life group. It prompted great conversation and left us all with the desire to change our lives. Now this helps us focus even more.

    • Marcia, this is outstanding! It’s the most unspiritual blog that I’ve written and a while, and you guys turned it into a powerful life group session! I thank God for your exceptional leadership in our church. Plus, you’re a living model of the principles I’ve taught in this blog series. Lead the way!