Cut The Fat To Reach Your Dream

Tony Robbins says that motivation is the biggest key to reaching your dream. I agree. Without motivation, you’re average at best. But what if you have plenty of motivation and you’re still not reaching your dream? This is what happens when you’re not adequately conditioned for the dream. To reach your dream you have to run fast and for years or decades, without quitting. You can’t go the distance if you’re carrying too much weight. You’ll become tired and stop long before the finish. But, that doesn’t have to be your demise. You can cut the fat to reach your dream.

The Dreams We Have

Some people dream of having a happy family and living in a country home with land and pets. Some dream of reaching their ideal weight and hiking to the top of a mountain or running a marathon. Some dream of traveling to distant lands and experiencing new cultures. My friends and I dream about changing the world! Everyone has a dream.

I want you to think about that future day, after you have spent so many years pursing your dream, and then there you are living the dream! Imagine the sheer ecstasy you will experience in that awesome moment.

It is pleasant to see dreams come true,

But fools refuse to turn from evil to attain them.

(Proverbs 13:19 NLT)

According to this proverb, it will be pleasant to see the dream come true.

If only you can go the distance and arrive at the destination.

The Threats That Exist

The proverb also warns that some people will “refuse to turn from [something evil] to attain [their dream].”

It uses the word evil. Meaning that in a spiritual sense, people have evil (worthless) habits that are clearly holding them back. But they can’t let go! The proverb calls these people fools. It’s like God is saying, “If you cut the fat, you can live the dream! So why not? I don’t understand. You’re playing the fool.”

Think about your dream. Then, say to yourself, “There is nothing in this life that is worth me missing this dream!” Nothing!

The Fat We Cut

Do you really want to reach your dream? Then, you have to make the cuts!

Here 7 areas of fat to cut from your life immediately.

  1. Cut Addictions
    • Described: You wake each day craving drugs, alcohol, nicotine, or pornography. These things are leaching the life from you, but until now you haven’t found a way to stop.
    • Solutions: Ask for God’s help, recruit accountability, and find an expert if needed.
  2. Cut Anger
    • Described: You’re furious with people and situations. You’re eaten alive with unforgiveness, bitterness, and jealousy.
    • Solutions: Get counseling and prayer.
  3. Cut Netflix and The Old School TV
    • Described: You’re stuck sitting in front of the TV for several hours each day. It’s fun in moderation, but too much is a waste of real life.
    • Solutions: Read books. Get outside. Visit family and friends.
  4. Cut Poor Spending
  5. Cut Body Fat
    • Described: You’re overweight and you’re physically exhausted. You’re increasingly susceptible to sickness and disease.
    • Solutions: Learn about diets and healthy lifestyle options from friends and experts. Stop living to eat and start eating to live. Start a weekly exercise routine (with a friend) and stick to it.
  6. Cut Negative People
    • Described: You’re spending time with bitter gossips who are really going nowhere in life. You don’t even realize how much they have slowed your progress, and even have you going backwards.
    • Solutions: Search for positive people in your community. Find people with dreams, and who are volunteering for good causes. Sign up for seminars and college classes. Befriend more learners and achievers. Invite someone awesome to lunch or dinner. Be intentional.
  7. Cut The Chaos
    • Described: You don’t have a clear dream or a written life plan. You’re not following a list of daily rituals and routines. You’re not maximizing your time with systems and apps.
    • Solutions: My free life planning workbook: Here To There – Mapping Your Next Steps. The Nozbe app. Hire a Life Coach.

These are my suggested 7. There are many more.

Aim for continual improvement from the person you are to the person you can become. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed over the years. When I remember the person I was at 20 it’s like hearing a story about a person I never met. I love it, and I’m not stopping here.

There is more fat to cut, and more dreams to reach for me.

Say yes to this idea. Cut the fat to reach your dream too!

Question: Which cuts are you going to make this week, this month, and next year?

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