Will You Outlast Your Critics?

People believe in you, then they don’t, then they do again. It happens to everyone. You have to believe in yourself and your dreams, long before you are successful and popular. Your critics will be loud, and mean. You have outlast them! Pray often for strength. Because, it’s by the critics that weak people breakdown and quit. You have a dream. You have talents, and potential. But will you outlast your critics?

Here is a real secret to success: Endurance! Learn to run hard on the toughest part of the course, when there are no fans there. When all you can hear is the sound of your own feet hammering the ground. The sound of your lungs pushing the air and your heartbeat pounding you forward.

It’s lonely. But this is where the champions are made. They cheer themselves on, when there is no cheering.

Will you outlast your critics?

Yes, if you don’t waste time trying to convince people; begging people to cheer for you. The ones who will get it, will get it fast. Some will never get it. So, don’t defend yourself or your dream with animated pitches.

Prove yourself with actions. Prove yourself with endurance. Prove yourself by surviving, and winning.

Win big, despite the grim odds and the coldness from others that oftentimes constricts upon you.

If you keep on doing the right things, your time will come. One day you will stand on the highest mountain (elevated by God), everyone wishing they could be you. In that day, you will see that there are few people there on that mountain of victory, because there are few people in this entire world who can outlast the critics.

Endure. Remain. Succeed.

The best revenge is massive success. -Frank Sinatra

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Question: Are you wasting time and energy on your critics? In which ways can you better spend your time and energy?

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9 thoughts on “Will You Outlast Your Critics?

  1. “The ones who will get it, will get it fast. Some will never get it. So, don’t defend yourself with arguments.”

    Thank you. I really needed to hear this today.

    • Jessica, this is definitely true of you. God has given you the greatest heart of love for people. You should never defend yourself with arguments, because your actions are speaking. You are doing God’s work for your life. You and Josh are making a great difference. I thank God for you guys.

  2. Dr. Balsamo,
    This is an Awesome Blog this morning. Thanks for sharing it and for always taking time out of your day to make a difference in someone else’s day!

    Pastor David Coffey
    Stonewall- West View UMC

  3. Chuck, I just posted a link to this in our group for young artists and writers. Thank you for leading a movement!

    Young people, a short conversation with Chuck will certainly help you relight your fire. The truly great people you meet in life want to lift you as well. Keep painting! Keep writing! Get a copy of Make Me a Legend.