You Are Never Nobody To God

You feel God has said, “Shut your pig face. You’re stupid. Go away!” You envision snobby God who is untouchable. This is a terrible misconception that prevents you from truly relating with Him. And because of it, you are fundamentally insecure and alone.

Some people will make you feel like God is an unpleasing perfectionist. They act like super Christians and they look down on others. They read the bible and pray more than anyone in the church, but they are witch hunters.

God, your Savior is not like those people. He is merciful and forgiving. He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is exalted higher than anything and He is awesome times a billion, but you are not nobody to Him.

Even before you are educated or successful. When you still have poor character and an obnoxious personality. When you are at the lowest rock bottom and you are so ugly that nobody else will look on you. He loves you.

Right now, God says, “You are my daughter! You are my son!” He says, “You are special and interesting and lovely to Me!” He says, “You are not rejected. You are not alone. You are never nobody to Me.”

Rest in this today.

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8 thoughts on “You Are Never Nobody To God

  1. Absolutely beautiful… the Truth about the very heart of God.
    Satan wants us to feel rejected and judged by our Loving God, when in fact, we are being called by Him, no matter what sins we have committed. This is the Truth.
    Brother Hugh

  2. I busted out laughing at the idea of Snobby God, picturing family members and snobby/ snooty faces made to one another and God doing the same…so funny , but so ABSURD.

    Awesome times a billion…..whoa and Thank goodness, Thank God.

    Glad to be a struggling Christian, trying hard , doing ok, screwing up and getting a do-over form THE ALMIGHTY.

  3. I am so thankful to the Lord looks at us like that.I pray that I continue to grow in Him I will begin to look at others as he does. I know that as we begin to look at others like him we can change the world.