Motivation Is The Engine For Success

At some point, you must take charge of your own life. Stop waiting around for something good to happen. You must reach up for the better future! Because only you can leave rock bottom for you. Only you can get a dream for your life. Only you can write a plan, and start to achieve the goals!

It’s mind-blowing, all the people I’ve met in my lifetime who are content with being average. Some of them are discontent, but still lack the motivation to change.

Motivation Is The Engine For Success

Motivation is hunger, driving force, get up and go, initiative, determination, ambition, energy, push, vitality, hustle, passion, and desire.

Until you start to generate your own motivation, you will always need someone else to supply you. The problem is that there are not enough people in your life to supply you with enough external motivation for you to go very far in life.

Where does motivation come from?

  • Sometimes motivation comes from pain and circumstance.
    • You become sick of being tired, you get out of bed and you choose to live.
  • Motivation comes from dreams.
    • You see the possibility of what might be.
  • Motivation comes from clearly written yearly plans.
    • You see that you can take realistic steps toward the dream this year.
  • Motivation comes from incremental achievements.
    • Achievement inspires more achievement, especially when it’s reached on purpose.

I can’t help you with pain and circumstance. Life will do that for you.

I can help with dreams, plans, and achievements! If you haven’t done this already, get my free e-Workbook Here To There – Mapping Your Next Steps! Download the workbook and get started right away.

Here is an excerpt from the opening page:

Here To There – Mapping Your Next Steps

I promise, there are bigger dreams you still haven’t dreamed. There are new places you can visit, new experiences you can have, and new milestones you can reach. Your potential future is a thousand times more extraordinary than even you have imagined it to this point.

Each year, you’re learning more about yourself and the opportunities that exist. You’re smarter and wiser now, than you were last year. This puts you in a better position to figure out what you really want to do with your life.

I’ll never forget when I wrote my first life plan. That’s the year I traded my roller coaster for a rocket ship. I’ve been rising higher each year since then—as fast as it can be done.

Now, I’m sharing this process with you. It’s not easy, but it’s proven. If you will commit to this process and actually write the plan, then you will go from HERE to THERE—more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Get Your Free Copy Now

As you are working through the process, post your goals in a comment for encouragement and accountability!

Now, watch this video for inspiration. And may you have happiest, most successful year of your life.



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11 thoughts on “Motivation Is The Engine For Success

  1. I have lived in a dark hole of depression for months. It has made me physically ill. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Today is the day I start climbing out of this hole.

    My goals:
    1.) Get my diabetes under control. – Keep Dr. appointments, eat healthy, take meds regularly.
    2.) Think positive, enjoy life. – Resume activities I used to enjoy, stop shutting out loved ones.

    • Dolores, yes! This is a powerful objective! It’s realistic and achievable! Please post actions, deadlines for completion, and affirmations for each goal. I’d love to see what you come up with. Praying for your success.

  2. My main goals for myself justin hawkins in 2015 is too stay sober, change my thought prossess and really find myself

  3. I only “implemented” the first 3 equities by the time I left church yesterday. Already this a.m., Monday morning, less than 24 hours later, God has brought me to a new level! One goal was to get up by 6 a.m. and spend time with God; “check”. The one thing I have not done yet but there was a place for “Try Something New”. I didn’t fill that in yet but…..last night I got a call and I was asked to “meet and greet” new, incoming students at a private school! How cool is that? I say that would be a “check”. Pastor Chuck, thank you for being motivated by God and therefore motivating us. – JP –

    • Janet, this is outstanding! You will make a very big difference for those students this year. I look forward to hearing from you as the plan continues to go from prayer and mind to paper, and then into reality! God bless you.

  4. I am a planner by nature and have found it best to write down my goals in the past… If they get written down, in my head they are real. However, that’s the tricky part sometimes is writing them down. When My goals are written down they seem more concrete, something that needs to be crossed out and not until it is done can it be crossed out. I did, in fact, have something in every section before service let out yesterday and I am super excited to achieve all of these goals. They range from small, somewhat silly but personal things to big life achievements. Here are a few…
    -Finish my Masters degree (May 2015)
    -Complete one or all of the following; Tough Mudder, Half Marathon. Spartan Race (Nov 2015)
    -Compete in one Crossfit competition (Dec 2015)
    -Pay off all credit card debt (May 2015)
    -Keep a regular devotional (All year) (The funny thing about this one is, I bought a devotional a few weeks ago and when I started it yesterday, the first reading was about God’s plan for us and us achieving His plan, kind of relevant right?)
    -Get Better organized around the house (All year)
    -Get a promotion (June 2015)

    I have more but I won’t bore you with them all 🙂

    • Yes yes yes! Rachel, just imagine for a moment how you will feel as each of these achievements are reached! This will be the greatest year of your life. Go for it! Don’t hold back. You’re on your way!

    • Way to be specific!! I love making plans and this kind of stuff is so fun for me as well. We have many of the same goals. The hard part for me is the pushing through to achievement. Would you be interested in being accountabilty partners for our goals?

      • Thanks!!! Of course we can be accountability partners! That’s awesome that we have similar goals! Maybe we can work on plans together, maybe each of us have better strategies than the other!

    • Wow I love your thought process! I have added paying off my credit card and organization to my list as well! Thanks for the ideas 🙂