Speaking To 60,000 In Uganda

On New Years Eve I’ll speak to 60,000 people in the Uganda Africa! It’s a 24 hour Christian event at the Mandela National Stadium, to welcome the new year, culminating with fireworks at midnight. I’ve been honored with the prime spot between 8pm and midnight, by invitation from Apostle Joseph Serwadda. Dr. Serwadda has pioneered 571 churches and oversees a network of 30,000 churches in the nation. His spiritual influence in Uganda is unparalleled. This event will be televised throughout the nation! UPDATE: They estimated a record attendance of 120,000 people, including President Museveni! Media outlets estimated 12.5 million watched on live TV and 15 million on live radio to several countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and The Congo.

The Open Door

I spoke in Uganda 10 years ago. The meetings were successful. Hundreds came to Christ and hundreds more were healed. We baptized new believers in Lake Victoria. We visited orphanages, spent time with the kids and gave them gifts. We gave money to churches for construction. The time was very blessed.

On the way to the airport, I saw the stadium. It was gigantic, and I asked, “What is that building?” Elijah Bwogi, my Uganda contact said, “That is the Nelson Mandela National Stadium.” I put my hand out the window and predicted, “I will come back here someday and I will speak in that stadium!”

I forgot about that prophecy, and the years have passed. Then out of nowhere, Elijah Bwogi reached out. He said, “Remember your prophecy? Well, it has now come true! A door has opened and you have been invited to speak in Joseph Serwadda’s annual New Years Eve event!”

At first, I hesitated in disbelief. I thought there was no way this could happen. But, eventually I realized this is how it works! That lingering prophecy had mixed with 25 years of steady discipline and working each day like there is no tomorrow.

Through the years, I have learned: Always perform at several levels higher than your current status requires. You have to be successful in obscurity long before the promotion. You have to live and train like a legend today if you want to CHANGE THE WORLD 10-20 years from today. This is my promotion. I’m not freaking out, because I’ve trained my whole life for this moment. God is with me. I’m gonna change the world!

You Can Watch It Live

For information about this event and to watch it live, go to passoverfestival.org. Uganda time is 8 hours ahead of EST. This means that I will be speaking between 12-4pm EST on New Years Eve.

Besides this stadium event, I will be speaking 10 times (1.5 hours each) in two leadership conferences to thousands of pastors and business leaders. Plus, I’ll be speaking in several churches, and I’ll be presenting an honorary doctorate degree from LCU to Bishop Kityo Joseph. He’s pioneered 123 churches throughout Uganda over 30 years of ministry!

Our Awesome Team

Emily (my wife), Coree (my son), and Levi Brown (my spiritual son) are traveling with me. Levi is doing a ministry festival for 6-10,000 people in Kiboga! He’s also speaking in the pastors conferences and in churches. Coree and Emily will be speaking as well! This is a huge blessing to see these people I love so much, share in this tremendous opportunity! Together, we will make a lasting difference in Uganda.

Christmas Party For A Village

The real highlight of this trip will happen on Monday and Tuesday before we return to the states. We’re purchasing a bull or two, rice and sodas, and other items to throw a Christmas party for an entire village. There will be 600 kids, plus adults! We’re going to spend the days playing with them and teaching them about Jesus and showing them how special they really are. Look at these beautiful Ugandan children.


Thank you to the people at Destiny Family Center for funding this mission. If you want to give, you can still do that. At this point, all donations will be used to bless the villages!

Please pray for us to be safe, and to CHANGE UGANDA FOREVER!

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7 thoughts on “Speaking To 60,000 In Uganda

  1. What an amazing opportunity!! You are one of a kind and have reached so many people because you are real!! You don’t look down on people, you accept everyone for who they are. I am so proud to be a member of Destiny!!

  2. Wow! What an awesome opportunity placed before you! I pray many blessings not only for you and your team, but for the hearers of God’s word that will proclaimed!

  3. Go Chuck! Great testimony about Randy!
    Always smiling proud to be your sister in Christ – “For He has done great things!”

    His annointing upon you brings life – because He is exalted!

    Kent – you two A.D.D. peas in a God – pod … I rejoice that He has a multiplication plan!

    With you in the Spirit!