3 Steps To Get Motivated When You’re Not Inspired

Some days you’re revved straight from the start. Fresh ideas rush your mind. It’s like a bipolar upswing. You’re riding fast, and nothing can stop you. Then sometimes, you feel like a windless sailboat in the vast ocean, with a long way to travel and not a trickle of energy to get there. It’s easy to be motivated when you’re naturally inspired. But, can you get motivated when you’re not inspired?

I admit, there is at least one day each week when I am not “feeling it.” I used to accept this poor condition and permit myself to have a low performance day. But then I realized this creates a 20% drop in my weekly performance. And what if the slump lasts for more than one day in a row, as it sometimes does? I have learned from experience, this is a big reason some people don’t actually reach their goals and dreams.

Do you want to do something truly awesome this year? Then, you must maintain high motivation throughout the year! Here are 3 steps I take to get motivated when I’m not inspired. Each step is simple. Anyone can do it!

Step 1: Be Consistent

When you lose focus you lose motivation. You feel overwhelmed. You don’t know where you’re going. You can’t find a place to start. So why try? But if you take the time to write a plan for your life (with weekly habits and routines), then you just have to be consistent!

Do you know the one thing you must do to move the ball forward for each area of your life, this week? Write a life plan! If you own a business, write a business plan! If you already have one, take time to clarify your objectives until you know exactly what you want this year, this week, and today.

Consistency keeps the momentum going. Consistency always leads to another breakthrough. When you don’t feel inspired, stick to the plan! Be consistent! Eventually you will feel inspired again.

Step 2: Eliminate Distractions

As you try to follow your plan, you will be bombarded with low priority distractions. If you give in to the distractions, you will say goodbye to your natural motivation. It’s difficult to feel inspired when you’re only spending 10% of your day doing tasks that cause a sense of fulfillment.

Don’t become a slave to projects and tasks not ideal to your skill set. Say NO! Eliminate distractions! Get a new phone number and a new email address. Turn off Facebook. Delegate your lesser tasks to another qualified person. Let you life go out of balance while you do only the assignments that will lead you up!

Do that one thing you love to do. Do that one thing that only you can do. When you do this you will feel more inspired about your life. You will think, “Yes, this is what I was born to do! I’m living the dream! I’m so thankful I get to be me!”

No more excuses. Eliminate distractions. Do it now!

Step 3: Celebrate Progress

Progress is motivating. When you focus on progress, you can feel like, “Hey, I’m getting there! I’m on my way! It won’t be long now! I better keep this going!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “I’m behind schedule! I’ll never reach this deadline! I’m completely overwhelmed!” That feeling is utterly paralyzing. It’s hard to keep fighting for the victory when you think you’re doomed.

Instead of focusing on how much work is left to do, focus on progress! When you do this, you will feel successful and creative. Tell yourself, “I have plenty of time! I’m on fire! I am in the flow!”

When you celebrate your progress and you feel successful, you will be more motivated to act. So, at the end of each day don’t look back at your problems and set backs. Take a few minutes to notice your progress. Even if it’s just that one little thing you accomplished. Celebrate the progress, and then prepare your attitude for tomorrow.

These are my 3 Steps To Get Motivated When You’re Not Inspired! So, on those days when you’re lacking natural inspiration and everything in you wants to climb back into bed, take the 3 steps! Be consistent, eliminate distractions, and celebrate progress. As you do this, you will more productive days and a much bigger chance of reaching your goals and dreams.

What are you doing uniquely, to increase motivation? Post your comments here or in the social network. Let’s talk about it.

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