3 Reactions To Success That Will Keep It Coming

You work hard for a long time, nothing happens, nothing happens, until suddenly you’re promoted! You look around and realize, “Woa! Great things are happening in my life right now!” And in the next few years, if you act smart, you can have more success and more impact than in all previous years combined. But, if you’re not careful you might not maximize the moment. It happens to so many people. You reach a new level but only stay there briefly. Then, you’re back down working hard for another big break. Would you like to end this cycle?

You can stay on level, and go much higher if you’re smart about it. But not if you’re distracted. What you do with success determines how long it lasts. Here are 3 brilliant reactions to success that will keep it coming.

1. Be Strategic

The weeks and months following a promotion are fragile. Old habits and routines that got you there won’t keep you there. Immediate changes are required.

Be confident with who you are, but also willing to improve. Ask yourself, “What changes can I make to truly maximize this moment?”

Successful people think and act differently than unsuccessful people? When promotion comes, you will have instant access to some of the people you once looked up to. Create a strategy for developing these new relationships or you’ll be cut from the circle.

Take a deep breath and consider that you were promoted for a reason. There is something awesome and unique you have to offer. So don’t be lackadaisical. This moment will be gone if you don’t make it last! Be strategic.

2. Turn Pro In Your Mind

Everyone starts as an amateur. Then, there is a point when you must turn pro in your mind. You have to believe that you are successful, before others will take you serious. You have to believe that you are worthy of new success. Humility is necessary for good character, but so is courage!

You need a new mindset for the new level. Wash your brain from every limiting belief. Shed the poverty mindset. Stop feeling bad for yourself. Shift out of begging and into gratitude. Change your mind, before it drags you back down.

A few years ago, I was invited to speak in one of the greatest mega churches in America. At first I thought, “I’m not ready for this. I’m out of my league. I can’t win here!”

I had been invited to stand with PRO’S, but I felt like an amateur. The door had opened and I was getting that one chance no matter what. But in order to knock it out of the park, I needed a new mindset real fast!

So, here is what I did! I took one hour and I wrote a list of empowering beliefs to replace my negative beliefs about that promotion. Here’s the short list: “I’ve spoken 3500 messages! I am a doctor of ministry! I’m genuine! I’m hilarious! God has opened this door! I don’t have to perform over my head to be great in this moment!”

Then, I read the list out loud with passion, each day until I believed it! Here I am two years later. I’m an annual speaker at that same mega church, and hundreds of doors have opened to speak all over the nation and world. Last month I spoke to 120,000 people (a record crowd) at the Mandela Stadium in Uganda!

Hurry up, turn pro in your mind this year.

3. Rely On Grace

When you’re promoted, you might fear that you don’t have enough in you to keep it going. You might feel like you’ve hit a ceiling and you’ll never break through it. It’s good to feel scared sometimes. This shows you that your dream is big enough! It also showcases your need for God.

I have a goal to always rely on God for new wisdom, strength, and favor. When I reach a new level, I say to myself, “If God put me here, then God has new wisdom, strength, and favor to bless me here.”

Sometimes, I forget to do this, and I start to rely on myself. It’s never good.

No matter how high you climb, always rely on grace! God has a purpose for your promotion. He has so much he wants to do through your life. He is raising you up for an eternal purpose. And everything He has is your, to fulfill that purpose.

In Deuteronomy 8, God promised ancient Israel, “Remember the Lord your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors.”

By faith, that power to be successful is always available to you. Don’t rely on yourself. Rely on grace!

Be strategic, turn pro in your mind, and rely on grace! These are 3 reactions to success that will KEEP IT COMING!

Tell me, how are you reacting to success, to keep it coming? Let’s talk about it.

Book Resource: Turning Pro, by Steven Pressfield.

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8 thoughts on “3 Reactions To Success That Will Keep It Coming

  1. Thanks for the Wisdom my friend. God has opened many doors for me since I gave my life to Him and He has NEVER FAILED ME !!!! I thank God for my Pastor and Friend CHUCK BALSAMO whom has led me along this journey and guided me in the right direction with God and for that im Blessed. Thanks to God and the Leadership of CHUCK BALSAMO I can truly say LIFE IS AND HAS BEEN GREAT !!!!!! THANKS FOR STAYING FAITHFUL AND TRUE MY FRIEND !!!!!

    • Doug Brooks, following your story over the past several years has been one of the greatest inspirations of my life. I don’t say that lightly. You are shining example of how far up a person can rise from rock bottom!

  2. ” I don’t have to perform over my head to be great in this moment!” That’s epic! The thought that you can be who you are in that “moment” and not try to over perform is great. Because you have put the time and work in and allowed God to shape you for that very moment. You can have all you need right there and not even realize it sometime. Thanks Chuck! Such an awesome and inspiring read to start the day. I appreciate it. The way I am currently reacting to success to keep it coming is being more thorough in my work than I ever have, putting in more hours, and maximizing the resources that are available.