Make A Switch For Your Mind

On my motorcycle I stared at the pavement and thought about work assignments, oblivious to the beautiful sights around me. There were mountains and blue skies with bold white clouds. There were horses and cows eating the green spring grass. But I couldn’t see it.

Until I shook myself, I was blind. What could have been a beautiful ride started with intense problem solving in my head and a struggle to reach my destination as quickly as possible. That would have been ok, but I didn’t have a destination! This was a 2-hour ride I had scheduled to relax before a very busy week. I really needed these 2 hours, and they were vanishing into thin air.

Then I realized something! My mind (just like yours) operates in two modes.

  • Mode 1. ON: This is when a demand is being made and the mind is being taxed or drained.
  • Mode 2. OFF: This is when no demand is being made and the mind is resting and replenishing.

Most people lack control over these modes. Your mind get’s stuck ON until it burns out. So I wondered, what if I could make a switch for my mind? I did, and it works!

A Switch For The Mind?

I imagined that I could switch my mind into a different mode with a simple conscious decision. Then, right there on the motorcycle I did it for the first time. In less then a minute I switched my mind OFF.

It felt great. I stopped planning. I stopped problem solving. I stopped wishing and wondering how I would hit the next level with this or that. I simply chose to rest!

Suddenly my mind was happy.

With this conscious decision I had switched into observation and gratitude. The beautiful images flowed in. I heard the sounds and smelled the smells. With each new mile of riding, I felt more blessed and inspired. I started to sing in my head, “It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away, it’s a beautiful day!” -U2 Beautiful Day Lyrics

Two hours later when it was time for work, I noticed that I was replenished and ready to preform.

You can’t give away what you don’t have. You can’t keep pouring out when you’re not replenishing.

If you, like me, work your mind more than you rest it. If you drain your mind more than you fill it. Follow my lead, make a switch for your mind and start to use it today!

Switch OFF Your Mind

Look at your schedule. Decide when you will switch OFF your mind. Walk outside and experience nature. Read from a book. Take a nap. Spend quality time with someone special. Turn up some worship music and think about God.

Notice The Difference

Do this for even 15-30 minutes each day and you will find that you are more focused, more hopeful, and more powerful when you switch ON your mind again.

Rested people have greater influence than exhausted people. Calm people have more influence that stressed people. Be rested. Be calm. Be fresh in each moment of your awesome life! This makes a difference.

Take Action: When, each day, will you switch your mind to OFF? How are you going to spend this time? Be specific. Write this into your calendar as a weekly block. Create the habit!

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6 thoughts on “Make A Switch For Your Mind

  1. Might need a class or seminar on HOW TO TURN OFF YOUR BRAIN.

    I try to spend time in the soil, plant seedlings/ sow seeds( avoid Rocky ground) / pull weeds, turn compost, spread mulch.
    – go on the trails and hike and sweat or bring tools and clean up,the pathways.

    So the seminar can talk of benefits of shutting down and …l

    Or I can put my sneakers on and go out and sweat…good for my chunky butt and tired brain.

    Thanks ..Great reminder.

  2. Oh my goodness…is this ever true! Praying every reader can grasp this!! Might need to schedule it – Thanks so much!!