Does Your Effort Match Your Dream?

Some people have boring dreams. Others have exciting dreams, but they don’t put in the effort. They make bold speeches, and everyone claps. They seem like they are on their way. But when you look at their schedule and you see countless hours of creative avoidance behavior, you realize its not going to happen. To fulfill a dream, you have to drive the wheels off of your life sometimes! Nothing big and legendary happens without a matching commitment. Does your effort match your dream?

Pay the price.

I just read the best selling biography, Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. Musk came to the US from South Africa with nothing. Now, twenty some years later, he’s worth $10 billion. Some say he is the next Steve Jobs. There is a section in the book where Musk’s wife describes the price he’s paid…

“I had friends who complained that their husbands came home at seven or eight,” she said. “Elon would come home at eleven and work some more. People didn’t always get the sacrifice he made in order to be where he was.”

In many ways, I never want to be like Elon Musk. But I get him and his drive for success! Anyone who’s accomplished something big will tell you about the all-nighters they’ve pulled. They’ll talk about the times they’ve pushed themselves beyond all bounds, to do what others thought impossible.

Don’t hide behind balance.

I’m all about living a balanced life. I’ve created the habit of being fanatically on when I’m on so I can be fanatically off when I’m off. I think I have a tremendous life outside of work.

But, there is a fire in my soul to change the world around me and make it better. It never decreases. It never lets me turn lazy.

People have said, “Chill out! You’re too intense. Slow down and live a little.” But for me, the good life isn’t about easy living and early retirement. It’s about making a bigger difference for more people, as long as I can do it.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my time with family and close friends. But, I also love my work! People say, “You need to take some time off!” I tell them, “I need to hit the next level!”

I often look for ways to sneak away from this or that to read another chapter in a book, or write new content for a book, or work on a new leadership strategy for one of my ventures. For me, progress is better than relaxation.

Be different.

I used to think there was something wrong with me. Until, through the years, I’ve seen that all high achievers are like this. They’re obsessive about heir dreams, and they don’t let anyone take that away from them! This is a real key to success.

What do you want to do with your life? If your dream is average, then don’t worry about being driven. An average effort will get you there. But, if your dream is big, then you have to increase your effort until it gets on level with the dream.

Increase your effort.

Do you want to be a professional speaker, millionaire business owner, influential musician, renowned chef, or something awesome like that? Excellent!

How bad do you want this? Does your effort match your dream? Maybe you used to put in the effort, but then you got burnt out. And you think, “What happened to me! How did I become so lazy and unproductive?”

It might seem like your drive is gone forever. But you can get it back.

Fight for it.

Don’t roll over and play dead. Fight for it! Like Rocky Balboa in Rocky III, you just need that eye of the tiger! Start to pursue your dreams again like a hungry lion hunting its prey, or like Will Smith fighting his way out of homelessness in The Pursuit Of Happiness.

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