You Can Make Fast Powerful Decisions

You have a dream and the skills to make it happen, but you can’t make the next decision! As you stand there hesitating, everyone’s passing you by. You feel stressed because you’re a fraction of the strong person you know you can be. But, what if you could make fast, powerful decisions?

I went to lunch with my RE/MAX broker in 1996. We sat down to order; he glanced at the menu, turned it over and asked, “What are you getting today?” I was stuck between 3-4 items. He said, “You have 10 seconds. Make a choice!”

For he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. -The Bible

Ten seconds passed, he took my menu and said, “Stop hesitating! If you want to be successful in real estate or anything else, learn to make fast, powerful decisions.”

That lunch was a turning point. It didn’t happen overnight. But, I’ve worked at this for 20 years, and I’ve finally trained myself to make fast, powerful decisions. Look at the results!

Because of recent fast, powerful decisions…

  • I spoke to a record breaking 120,000 people at Mandela Stadium! Another 27 million people watched and listened on live TV and radio across several nations in Africa!
  • I spoke 3 times at the legendary Angelus Temple in LA!
  • I’m leading the greatest growth surge in DFC history!
  • My coaching company is on fire! One client has gone from $200k to $700k to $1 million in 3 years time!
  • I have 32,948 people in my social network @chuckbalsamo!

You can make fast, powerful decisions by adding 3 layers of confidence.

1. Confidence From Knowledge

I’ve noticed with age I naturally make faster, better decisions. This is because I’ve accumulated knowledge through the years. But, you don’t have to wait until you are old.

Choose to raise your knowledge lid! Read books and blogs, attend seminars and webinars, and attend a great church where powerful content is spoken each Sunday. Ask smart questions from highly successful people.

I’m now reading 1-3 books each week. Classical music on my Bose headphones, and I’m in the knowledge building zone! I don’t just read for the specific content in a book I’m reading. I read to stay in a flow of intelligence! Don’t take my word for it. Do this for 90 days and you’ll see the difference.

2. Confidence From Experience

I think the key to gaining experience, is to say yes more often. Try and fail if necessary, until at last you can say, “I’ve figured this out!”

Sometimes, researching for the best strategy is too slow, and failure is the faster way to learn. Henry Ford said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

Both success and failure are great teachers. I’ve definitely learned from my successes. But, when I say you gain confidence from experience, I mean you have to be unafraid of failure, almost excited about it!

Some of your failures will shock you into oblivion. They will not be easily forgotten. Failure will have you on your knees for a few weeks or longer. But when the pain of failure wears off, the new wisdom will arrive!

From experience, you’ll make fast, powerful decisions in the future.

2. Confidence From Mentors

John Maxwell says, “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” This is true!

I’ve had the best mentors in my life. You can’t force yourself on people, but you should pray for the right connections, and be smart about finding mentors.

It’s easier to make fast, powerful decisions after you’ve colaborated with a mentor. Besides the wise input, it’s a real confidence booster, knowing that a much more successful person is in your corner!

Take Action

Make fast, powerful decisions, by adding the 3 layers of confidence: knowledge, experience, and mentors.

Post a comment, let’s talk about it. Where have you been hesitating the most? What if you finally decided to act? Are you scared about the potential loss? Then, hurry up and fail. Get past it. Learn what not to do, make a few clever changes, and try again!

Last week I posted on my Twitter: You will have more regret about the opportunities you passed up than the ones you tried and failed.

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8 thoughts on “You Can Make Fast Powerful Decisions

  1. Wow Pastor Chuck. I don’t know if you sent this specifically to me today or if it was from God through your but either way, it was for me. I am signed up for your blog posts but I don’t get them all. I got this one!

    Growing up, my Dad always taught me when it comes to decisions to always “sleep on it” which meant ponder and pray if this way or that purchase is the right one. He wasn’t talking about what I was going to eat for dinner but the big things in life or purchases. Purchases because it keeps you from impulse buying. It works too. Drives me family crazy!

    I do have a HORRIBLE time now since TBI on making decisions. Its like that wire got crossed. I have learned through rehab the things you said in this blog. The three main points are EXACTLY what a person needs to do , whether they have a TBI or just need confidence to trust themselves again in their own decision making. You are right on!

    I needed that reminder. Thank you!

    I will add one thing that may help people. Maybe they forgot how well their own sense of self or how their decisions has carried them well in the past. They may need a reminder to look back on like we read the bible and know God carried us here and here and he will again. We need that or I need that in my own life with my own point of reference you can say when I doubt my own sense of self. If I have a marker, a journal, a point of reference to look back and know, hey, I did great on that decision and it turned out for my best interest then it helps me to carry on with confidence to make the next decision with more confidence.

    I know all this is in your key points but if we forget our experiences for whatever reasons. Stress causes us to forget or injury then our decision making lacks confidence. So my point keep a journal of decisions. It helps.

    You are awesome and amazing and wise man! I am happy to have you in my life as a mentor and friend!

  2. Thanks Dr. Chuck
    I fully agree with more knowledge, experience and a mentor i would make quicker decisions. in my journey with the Lord i have found it much easier making decision after hearing from the Lord. the decision i have made with clear hearing from the lord have made the great mailstones in my life. But i know getting that clarity is sometimes slower than my brains rate of wanting to make decision
    Once again thanks for sharing your revelations

  3. I have been thinking a lot about goals, and dreams and trying to figure them out so that I can map out a game plan for how to achieve them! Other than the obvious (MAKE ME A LEGEND is awesome!!!), do you have any other books that you highly recommend? I’m in sales as well, so if you also have a favorite Sales book from back in your day (or maybe you still read those types of books), I’d love to hear what it is!