What To Do When You’re Stuck Between 3 Dreams

In his book The Dip, Seth Godin says you should decide what you can be best in the world at. Then, strategically quit everything else to master that one dream. It’s brilliant. The idea is trending. People are making quantum leaps by narrowing their focus. But in a practical sense, how do you choose just ONE DREAM? As you try to narrow your focus, do you end up with TWO DREAMS or THREE? Me too! Today I realized this is the way it should be. Let me explain.

Don’t Get Boxed In

It takes a long time to figure out what you like, what you want, and what kind of impact you want to have. You have multiple skills and passions. The possibilities are endless. The whole world is your canvas! But if you narrow your focus too soon, you will slash the options, and box yourself in.

Give Yourself Options

Don’t do that. Give yourself the options! It’s energizing to have a few big dreams developing at the same time.

Choose one main dream. Make it your highest priority. Then, eliminate all the dreams that you’ll never do (like climbing Mount Everest that used to be on my bucket list. Then I found out what was involved and I decided I didn’t want to spend that much of my life on that dream. So I killed that dream.)

But don’t kill your 2nd and 3rd place dreams! Develop them in your free time and give yourself the options.

Buy The Camera!

Here is an example. My son Coree Balsamo is a remote village missionary. He opens treks to undiscovered highland villages, and he hosts missions teams to go and make a difference there.

He climbs above 20,000 feet through snow and ice. Each trek is a discovery. His eyes see things very few people will ever see. Coree has become a good photographer too. It’s probably his 2nd place dream. Today, he said, “I’m getting a professional camera.”

I said, “Yes, do it! You’ve always loved photography and you’re naturally gifted. You capture images that inspire people. Develop this 2nd place dream as you still pursue your leading dream. It makes sense because you’re already traveling to rare and unphotographed places. You never know how this might develop.” This is exactly what he was thinking.

Listen to Your Dreams

How about your life and future? What do you really want? What kind of impact do you want to have? What is your leading dream at the moment? What are your 2nd and 3rd place dreams? I mean the ones that are so big in your heart, you could almost leave everything to do that with your life.

Do you know what you want? Has this changed over the years? Is it time to dream again?

Feel Your Way Towards Clarity

Dreaming is not a once a year activity. You have to feel your way towards clarity. High achievers spend a few hours each week just sitting alone and dreaming.

The key is to actually put in the effort. Set yourself apart! Write your thoughts and desires into a journal. Keep learning about yourself. Keep looking for new opportunities. Keep developing yourself and reaching for a higher life! You can be a millionaire! You can change the world before you die!

If you can dream it, you can do it. —Walt Disney

Questions: What are your top 3 biggest dreams? How are you narrowing your focus to one leading dream, but also developing the others? Leave a comment.

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8 thoughts on “What To Do When You’re Stuck Between 3 Dreams

  1. In Lee Iococca’s book, there is a thought that he expresses that always comes back to me. After saving the Chrysler Corporation from financial disaster, the great automaker says: “It was time to have fun again.” He then told his engineers to work on a convertible!

    He told them to put aside all the safety arguments and return to passion in automotive design. I have to believe that dream resided in Iacocca throughout those months of uncertainty where he was pressed to save the company.

    That is why I appreciate this post so much. It acknowledges the process! If your dream at 65 has not grown from your dream at 17, you didn’t buy the camera!

    • WOW Bob, yes a hundred times! What a great story. And one that you have so obviously drawn inspiration… because you one who is always pursuing a dream! I’m curious, how has your leading dream shifted and evolved through the years?

  2. I absolutely agree with every bit of this! At 57, I still feel like an excited little child about life and it’s opportunities! Exciting!