3 Steps To Getting Back On The Horse After You’ve Fallen Off

I am a runner. In high school I ran a low 4 minute mile. In recent years I’ve run marathons with my wife. Then I injured my knee. I stopped running and fell out of shape. Then this year I said, “Enough!” I cut carbs and lost 37 pounds. I started to run again. I ran a 5k race and did well. Then, I had a few lazy weeks and too much food. I felt weak and powerless again. Then yesterday, I realized I can get back on the horse again. You can do it too! It doesn’t matter how often you fall. It just matters that you keep getting back up.

When you fall off the horse you can stay down for a long time and let negative momentum take over, or you can get back on the horse quickly.

You’re there, broken from the fall, and you feel bad for yourself. Voices heckle from the darkness, “Look at you again. Such a loser. This time you should just stay down.” But then, you read this blog and you see these two verses from the Bible. 1. “Do not gloat over me, my enemies! For though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.” (Micah 7:8 NLT) 2. “The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.” (Proverbs 24:16 NLT)

Maybe you’ve fallen into a bad addiction again. You’ve gained back the 40 pounds you lost last year. Your health, relationships, and career are spiraling down the drain. And you’ve had enough.

Here are my 3 Steps To Getting Back On The Horse After You’ve Fallen Off.

Step 1: Giddy Up Your Mind

Change begins in your mind. Nobody can do this for you. Nothing happens until you decide. Momentum shifts the moment you say, “Enough! This is the lowest I will sink. Today, I am taking back my life! I lost control for a while, but right now I’m getting back on the horse again!”

Yesterday, after eating bad for a few weeks and not running, I decided to giddy up my mind! I remember the moment it happened. I simply decided that my slump was over. You can do this too. No matter how long you’ve been down, you can giddy up your mind again. Do it now!

Step 2: Saddle Up Your Horse

If you want to get back on the horse, you have to take a first step. Don’t just think about success. Do something. Saddle up!

I promise, the first step is your only obstacle. Once you take the first step, happy endorphins will lift you up and crowd surf you to the victory.

Yesterday, after I giddied up my mind, I went straight to my bedroom and I dressed for running. I grabbed my phone, put in my earbuds, turned on a podcast, opened my running app, and I stretched my muscles. My mind fought back a little. I thought about other things I needed to do. But I went outside, clicked START RUN, and I was on my way. You can do this too! Take the first step. Saddle up! Do it now.

Step 3: Round Up Your Friends

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Do you really want a better life? Then find a friend who wants it just as bad as you! Create synergy! Round up a gym friend. Round up a diet friend. Round up a prayer friend. Round up a recovery group friend. Round up a business mastermind friend.

Whatever it is you want to improve in your life, round up a friend. Sign up for a 5 or 10k race together. Set weight loss goals together. Overcome your challenges together. Celebrate your milestones together. Do you really want this better life? Then, round up your friends! Let’s do this!

That’s it, 3 Steps To Getting Back On The Horse After You’ve Fallen Off.

The key is too stop feeling bad for yourself, without taking action. Giddy up Your Mind. Saddle Up Your Horse. Round Up Your Friends. Start today.

Question: What is the most important change you need to make again in your life, and how are you going to take these three steps to get back on the horse! Leave a comment. Let’s talk about it.

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4 thoughts on “3 Steps To Getting Back On The Horse After You’ve Fallen Off

  1. Wow! This is amazing! I’m so inspired right now, and ready to ride out of the desert, I hung my discouragement on the gallows at sun-up! Thank you ?