What If You Had Confidence?

Confidence is rare. In parents, kids, educators, coaches, religious and secular leaders, etc., confidence is rare today. The cowardly lion lays back in the crowd, looking down and kicking the cans. Whispering. Hesitating. Existing but nothing more. You can have greatness in your soul, but until you can lean back and roar with confidence, it’s all for nothing! It takes confidence to stand up and be the champion you really are! Develop your confidence!

Naysayers Suck

Some people make you feel embarrassed when you’re at full expression. They look at you funny, like you have problems. They stare hard until you tone it down. Maybe they’re jealous or intimidated. You’re interrupting their rest! Haha. They say, “Calm down, and stop being so hyper! You’re not all that! Just chill out!”

To keep you from breaking away, they condemn you. They stab a finger at your weakness. They strip your confidence like a rug pulled from under your feet. They can’t help themselves. It’s involuntary, a survival mechanism of sorts.

Doubt Is Paralysis

If you’re not very careful, these negative words and actions from other people will get into your head. Then, every time you have a dream, you will doubt just enough to never take the first step. When you express yourself, you will hold back, so that you don’t look foolish. I see it everyday. Good people with huge potential, and no confidence to act.

Confidence Changed My Life

A few years ago, I was invited to speak at one of the largest churches in America. I worked on the message for a few weeks, trying to build the best script of my life. When I thought about standing there on that platform I nearly had a panic attack.

Then, God said this to me, “You don’t have to perform over your head in this moment to win! I opened this door because this is a move you are prepared to make. Just do the best you can, and they will love you!”

After that, my fear was gone. I walked onto the stage and never felt more natural. It wasn’t the greatest message of my life, but it was more than enough. I had fun and they loved me! And I’ll be speaking there for the 4th time in January 2017. Venues like that have become my new norm. Because, in the pivotal moment, I had confidence!

Add The Confidence

How much would your life change, if you increased your confidence? Are you supposed to be saying yes, going bigger, and having fun, but instead you’re living scared? Think about the life you can have if you add the confidence.

Here is how you get it started. Write a new program for your mind. Each morning, before you leave the house, say these words. “Confidence is changing my life! God is with me, therefore, I am limitless! This is my chance to play the game! Go big or go home! I am extraordinary! Right now, my energy is at the highest level! I am fully alive! This is everything I have! I love myself! Others love me! These are the best days of my life! I am living the dream! Yes!”

Doing this will feel weird at first. The longer you’ve been down on yourself, the harder it will be to add the confidence. But it’s worth the effort, because confidence is all that stands between regular you and the super you.

Your expression in this world is only seen when it’s full blast. If you hold back it will be like you never existed. You have one life to live. On your mark. Get set. Go!

Question: What are 3 things you would do with your life if you had the confidence? Leave a comment. Let’s talk about it!

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14 thoughts on “What If You Had Confidence?

  1. Yes! Yes! And yes!
    This is spot on. I hesitate to act in full confidence a LOT….and I despise that feeling. I fight it every day and actually become a slave to it most days. It’s one of my “lids” that keep me from my full potential.
    3 things I wish I could do if I had the confidence?…..

    1: Call my Dad and tell him how I truly feel about my childhood(it’s actually what my therapist recommended, but I don’t have the courage to do it….I know I’ll regret not doing it, but the hesitation is suffocating)

    2: Climb a mountain with my husband(my fear of heights is at nightmare level 20)

    3: Ask for a higher position in management at my job that oversees multiple people who do my current job.

  2. When God has shown me something, I would speak more “truth in love” with less concern for what the hearer personally thinks of me.
    I would lead more and have less concern for trying to fit in.
    I would celebrate being a misfit, and not assume that different is always going to be interpreted as wrong.

    • Gail, you have such a beautiful character and so many developed skills! The future is FULL with opportunity and fulfillment. I can’t wait to see what happens as you step up at the next level and live your life to the fullest!

  3. This is so awesome! And so true. It makes me think of the story of Esther.

    Your point about “the pivotal moment” really hit me; I don’t need to become something God did not create me to be. What I mean is, I may not be described by others as daring or fearless, but all I need is confidence IN THAT PIVOTAL MOMENT to be used by God for something great.

    Confidence is that secure knowing that when the dreams you have line up with the will of the Father, they’re just meant to be.

  4. I want to be able to preach with more confidence, like not having the feelings of self doubt and nervousness which sometimes causes me to forget what I really wanted to say. Its like when im one on one with people I kinda find myself witnessing to them natuarally and then I think man if I could just do that when I preach you know just be myselfit would be much more effective. I want to have confidence but never look arrogant or prideful if that makes sense.

    • I’ll tell you what someone once told me. There are some people who are not inclined to pride. It will never happen, no matter how much they succeed. You are one of those rare and special people. So don’t be afraid to truly believe in yourself. Stand tall and full of God’s love, and change the world with your voice!

  5. This spoke to directly,most importantly at the perfect moment.Thank you very very much
    And yes I was moved to tears. Thanks again.