What Is Your Million Dollar Talent?

A new coaching client said, “I have a career with benefits, but it’s not going anywhere and I can’t find something better to do with my life.” I said, “Ok, let’s think. You have something that nobody has. You can’t see it because you’ve always had it. Search yourself. Discover it. Find a way to showcase it, and teach it to others. Then you will become valuable, fulfilled, and rich!” At first he couldn’t see it. What about you?

Everyone has a million dollar talent.

What is yours? Are you a brilliant strategist? Are you highly artistic? Can you make people smile and laugh? Are you a natural motivator?

Ask yourself repeatedly. Ask others who know you well, “What is my million dollar talent? What is it about me, that you would pay me to have it?”

Think about your whole life and all you’ve been through. Think of all you’ve learned, and that one thing you have absolutely perfected.

Come on, dig deep, there is something. What is it?

Please, don’t hang your head down and pretend you are just another face in the crowd. Look in the mirror. See yourself staring back. There is something beautiful and awesome about you. What is it?

Maybe you think your appearance is average, or your personality is flawed. I’m sure there is a reason to doubt your worth. But, God doesn’t make worthless people. Trust me, you have a gift.

Are you hiding behind a mask formed in years of abuse or struggle. Then fight with yourself to pry off the mask. Stop with the false humility. Stop being afraid to sound conceited. Stand up and say, “This is me, and this is my offer! Who wants some of this!” Haha

Discovery is the first step to your next level in life.

Once you know your million dollar talent, you can start to develop it even more. You can help others and see the initial results. More people will benefit more from knowing you. Your influence will grow. New opportunities will suddenly appear. The doors will open. And soon enough, you will look around and realize that you have escaped the box of your old life!

What is your million dollar talent?

List every talent you have. Then, narrow the list until you’re left with just one—million dollar talent. Then, ask yourself, “How can I can start to use this talent, to change the world around me? And how can I start to use this talent, to improve my quality of life?”

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6 thoughts on “What Is Your Million Dollar Talent?

  1. Love this truth! Working on this Now in my life! I was inspired by you a couple years ago when you asked me, “what are you going to do with the last half of your life?” I’m using life adventures as a filter! Life is good! Life lived for God is awesome!

  2. Awesome blog today! Such an encouragement! Some “million dollar” abilities seem to have multiple aspects. “Where to start?” is often my question. Working to prioritize and strategize on where to start….