4 Steps To Instant Joy

Sometimes, I smile big at strangers and hug them because I can’t keep it in! When I’m joyful, I’m majestic! The positive energy goes pouring out of me to others. But, there are days when I don’t feel joyful right away. I used to feel doomed on those days. Then I found a way to bring up my state of mind, and be joyful at will, without drugs! Ha! Shall I teach you my ways?

I can’t promise you’ll make it every single day. But, I’m giving you 4 easy steps. If take these steps, you will increase your number of joyful days. Eventually, you’ll get really good at being joyful, and that will pay off big! Because joyful people have more influence, more wins, and more of what they want in life.

Do you want more joy in your life? Then, take these steps…

Step 1. Recite Your Blessings

Adopt this belief: For every one thing going wrong in my life, there are ten things going right!

Don’t think about your problems. Don’t talk about your problems. Don’t exaggerate your problems. Instead, you should think and talk obsessively about your blessings.

Take a few minutes to rapid fire each blessing that comes to mind. Make a written list of your top 10 or 20 blessings. Now hold that list in your hand and say this, “I thank God for [insert blessing], YES!” Recite each blessing and make sure you say YES! at the end of each one.

If you take this first step, you will start to feel joyful, but don’t stop here.

Step 2. Pray For Joy

Joy is a miracle that comes from having a good relationship with God. This step is very simple. Ask God to make you joyful.

I’ve done it hundreds of times in my life, and it always works. But, don’t take my word for it. Ask for the miracle yourself. Say this prayer: “Dear God, I believe that joy is a gift from you. Right now, I welcome your joy into my heart! I know that you’ve heard me! I have it now! Amen!”

How’s that feel? It’s helping, right!

Step 3. Put Your Body In Motion

This step is a little more challenging. It requires physical effort, like when you choose to run or lift weights. Lazy people are not usually joyful.

Put down the bowl of ice cream. Get off the couch. Stand up and get moving toward your goals for the day.

If you put your body in motion, your mind will follow. Not in the first few minutes, but as you fake it, you will make it!

Maybe you’re tired, mad, or sick. Don’t accept that! Turn up some happy music and dance! Go outside and look at something beautiful! Breathe the fresh air! Laugh out loud!

Your body is a joy machine, when you flip the switch. Do it!

Step 4. Command Your Space

Miserable people will make you feel bad when you’re trying to be joyful. They will unconsciously project their misery onto you, because misery loves company. It’s true.

To be joyful, you must overpower the negative forces that be! It’s like driving your car on a thick, foggy night. What can you do? Turn on your fog lights, cut through that crap, and keep moving to the destination!

To command your space, you’ll need to manifest enough joy for you, and for everyone in the room, or in the family, or company. But you can do this! Tell everyone, “Look! I’m trying to be joyful today, and I need you to get on board with this! Let’s get some real synergy going! Are you with me?”

Someone is going to take the high ground. Make sure it’s you. Command your space, and be joyful today.

Take The Steps!

Life is easier when you go at it feeling good inside! Sometimes you feel it right away. Sometimes you don’t. On the days when you don’t feel it, you can be joyful at will, by taking the 4 steps presented in this blog. Recite your blessings, pray for joy, put your body in motion, and command your space.

Pick a day this week, and take all 4 steps! Jack yourself up to the highest joy level you can reach, and shine bright for 24 hours straight! If that works, do it again the next day and keep it going!

Questions: What if you were 25-50% more joyful next year? How would this affect your relationships or your career? Can you picture a more joyful you? Let’s talk about it! Leave a comment.

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7 thoughts on “4 Steps To Instant Joy

  1. Great read Chuck!
    I’ve been personally, as they say, “stuck in a rut” for a few months now to where I have felt like something has sucked the joy right out of me, and have struggled to get up. These steps are going to become part of my daily workout, starting right now! Thanks again for the great read.

  2. Chuck!

    This is so great! Thank you for sharing your ways to encourage joy in day to day life. The joy that is found in God is so contagious, especially when it’s sought after. And I have been seeking it these passed few weeks. I thank God for the words He spoke through you – they’ve helped me feel more encouraged, more joyful and ready to step forwards into this new year! “For the Joy of the Lord is my strength!”

    Thank you! 🙂