Make Me A Legend – Christmas 2012

Make Me A Legend For The Dream of a Better Tomorrow Thank you to everyone who has read this book and loved it, and talked about it to your friends. It’s been a phenomenal first year! Make Me A Legend is starting to appear in bookstores all over the USA. Now, with more than 10,000 copies read, […]

Make Me A Legend – Hit’s Bookstores Next Week!

Happy Wednesday! Make Me A Legend is now on sale for the Christmas season: $15.99 paperback, $22.99 hardcover. Don’t forget – I’m signing every copy ordered on our website! Of course you can still order @ Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and a limitless number of other online stores in the USA, Canada, […]

Going Viral: Make Me A Legend, Nationally Released 2 Months Early?

Happy Monday! Thanks to your momentous pre-sale enthusiasm, your frenzied ordering and the rave reviews that followed… Destiny Image Publishers is nationally releasing my book NOW instead of waiting until the official November 15 date. This means that Make Me A Legend will be showing up in book stores all over America and the world – […]

The Rhandle Kennedy Review!

Happy Wednesday! “WOW! While I expected no less, Make Me A Legend has me INSPIRED! With the empowerment of Smith Wigglesworth, the patriotism of David Barton and the urgency of Jeremiah, I feel the limits of time running out and the shame of my own complacency! Motivational! Undoubtedly God-inspired!” -Rhandle Kennedy [Order Your Copy of Make […]

Make Me A Legend – Now Shipping!

  Happy Tuesday! Yesterday, we processed our first shipping orders. Make Me A Legend is now going all over the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and even Australia! Besides suffering the agony of PayPal’s non-user friendly shipping system, yesterday was another very special moment in this journey! Thank you Kristin Via and Emily Balsamo […]

Make Me A Legend – First Reviews!!

Happy Monday! Yesterday, I signed books for the entire interval between church and Bible college, while sipping on a delicious fruit smoothy. Everyone seemed to be genuinely happy about this moment… thrilled out of their minds about holding the miracle in their hands. It was awkward signing my book for friends and family… awkward, but […]

Countdown: 2 days 2 impact!

T.G.I.F I’ve never said that phrase and meant it more than I do right now. THANK GOD IT’S (this) FRIDAY! After 5 years of writing and 9 months in the publishing process, I will hold Make Me A Legend in my hands for the very first time TODAY! As you might know, we’re picking up […]

Countdown: 4 (the Final Four FREE Book Contest)

Happy Wednesday! Congratulations again to Derek Seah for winning yesterday’s high-five contest. He actually high-fived 115 people and said the phrase: high-five, first-release, Make Me A Legend! Are you ready for today’s contest? Here it is… To celebrate the final four days to our first release, we’re doing the Final Four Free Book Contest. Again, the […]

The Countdown: 6

Happy Monday! This is the week of pre-release for Make Me A Legend! Here is what two-time author Gail Strother says about MMAL… There is something inside each of us that yearns to make a difference. Yet day after day, year after year, we find ourselves settled into mediocrity. Chuck Balsamo skillfully dissects the forces […]

Make Me A Legend: Pre-Orders Begin!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This is definitely a historical afternoon for me and for many others around the world! Right now (at 3:16PM EST), I’m officially launching the Make Me A Legend Order Page! Since I explain everything there, I won’t be redundant here. Hurry to the new page and please have a very happy day. With […]