Speaking To 60,000 In Uganda

On New Years Eve I’ll speak to 60,000 people in the Uganda Africa! It’s a 24 hour Christian event at the Mandela National Stadium, to welcome the new year, culminating with fireworks at midnight. I’ve been honored with the prime spot between 8pm and midnight, by invitation from Apostle Joseph Serwadda. Dr. Serwadda has pioneered 571 churches and oversees a network of […]

My Son On The Tallest Building In The World

This message was written to our son one day after he left home for missions training: Dear Coree Balsamo, is it ironic that you posted that first missions photo from the tallest building in the world? No way! It’s a sign about your future and the awesome leader you shall be! It’s a sign about the lifesaving […]

Introducing Coree Balsamo And His Remote Village Mission

We dreamed he would change the world. We prayed he would discover a dream that is bigger ours. Then, last year, our son said, “God is sending me to the remotest villages in this world. I’m going where they don’t have roads, or electricity, or food and medicine. And I’m going to spend my life helping these people.” His plane leaves on Sunday! We […]

LA Dream Center Turning Nightmares Into Dreams

I hate to think about how many details I’ll forget with time. I’m looking out my window at the city of LA. The view is spectacular. I am at the pinnacle of my life. It’s like I want to die right here, because I want to freeze yesterday for all eternity. But then God says, you […]

We’re Blessing 2500 People In 25 Days

Our church is blessing 2500 people in 25 days! We’re only asking for 100 people to commit. But, maybe we can make it 1000 people giving 25,000 gifts for 25,000 testimonies in 25 days. Can we count you in?? Simply choose ONE PERSON or FAMILY each day that you want to bless. Be random, creative, and […]

Let Yourself Be Happy!

Have you ever had a real life good luck streak before? Honestly, so many good things have happened to me over the past 7 days. Everyday, all day, very, very good things are happening! I can’t believe it. This streak of blessing is far too sudden, far too extraordinary for coincidence. I told my daughter, “In […]

Chuck, Your Microphone Is Still ONNN! lol

Most embarrassing moments. What would life be without them! LOL, yesterday morning… I finished saying hello to the church, Levi Brown did the announcements, and I went back to my office for a quick potty break. When I opened my bathroom door, I saw that our Pug “Ming Me” was being kept in there during the service […]

Rejection Is Painful, But Never Stop Loving

Dear Friends, I know it’s weird, but I’ve been thinking way too much about my death lately. I’m having a terrifying premonition that something is about to happen to me. Though I hope to God this is just one of those strange thoughts we all have from time to time as we get older… it’s […]

A Love Note To My Wife

8:10am, Thursday November 15, 2012 Dear Emily Wall Balsamo, I’m in my office working on my Christmas sermon series and I just saw a Facebook notification, that you liked a comment I made on Dorothy Langenstien Long’s wall… and I knew that you were awake. It made me smile really big and feel warm inside, just like I […]