Be A Miracle

Here is part of $30 million UGS we donated to worthy causes in Uganda last month! Never underestimate the miracle you can become. Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and they underestimate what they can do in a lifetime. So they hesitate to start something. But, it only takes one worthwhile dream […]

4 Steps To Instant Joy

Sometimes, I smile big at strangers and hug them because I can’t keep it in! When I’m joyful, I’m majestic! The positive energy goes pouring out of me to others. But, there are days when I don’t feel joyful right away. I used to feel doomed on those days. Then I found a way to […]

What If You Had Confidence?

Confidence is rare. In parents, kids, educators, coaches, religious and secular leaders, etc., confidence is rare today. The cowardly lion lays back in the crowd, looking down and kicking the cans. Whispering. Hesitating. Existing but nothing more. You can have greatness in your soul, but until you can lean back and roar with confidence, it’s […]

What Is Your Million Dollar Talent?

A new coaching client said, “I have a career with benefits, but it’s not going anywhere and I can’t find something better to do with my life.” I said, “Ok, let’s think. You have something that nobody has. You can’t see it because you’ve always had it. Search yourself. Discover it. Find a way to […]

What To Do When You’re Stuck Between 3 Dreams

In his book The Dip, Seth Godin says you should decide what you can be best in the world at. Then, strategically quit everything else to master that one dream. It’s brilliant. The idea is trending. People are making quantum leaps by narrowing their focus. But in a practical sense, how do you choose just […]

Does Your Effort Match Your Dream?

Some people have boring dreams. Others have exciting dreams, but they don’t put in the effort. They make bold speeches, and everyone claps. They seem like they are on their way. But when you look at their schedule and you see countless hours of creative avoidance behavior, you realize its not going to happen. To fulfill a […]

You Can Make Fast Powerful Decisions

You have a dream and the skills to make it happen, but you can’t make the next decision! As you stand there hesitating, everyone’s passing you by. You feel stressed because you’re a fraction of the strong person you know you can be. But, what if you could make fast, powerful decisions? I went to lunch […]

3 Reactions To Success That Will Keep It Coming

You work hard for a long time, nothing happens, nothing happens, until suddenly you’re promoted! You look around and realize, “Woa! Great things are happening in my life right now!” And in the next few years, if you act smart, you can have more success and more impact than in all previous years combined. But, […]

3 Steps To Get Motivated When You’re Not Inspired

Some days you’re revved straight from the start. Fresh ideas rush your mind. It’s like a bipolar upswing. You’re riding fast, and nothing can stop you. Then sometimes, you feel like a windless sailboat in the vast ocean, with a long way to travel and not a trickle of energy to get there. It’s easy to […]