Expressing Honor In A Culture Of Dishonor

Emily and I met a nice lady on a recent hike. She didn’t have biological children, but she reminisced about her two spiritual sons. Sadly, they haven’t contacted her in almost a year. You could see the loneliness in her eyes. She said, “What have I done, to run them off?” But, more than likely she didn’t cause […]

Jazz Up Your Career Life In 7 Steps (Part 2)

When your career life is awesome, then the rest of your life is awesome too. But if you are burnt out with your career, then you are burnt out with life. Am I right? It’s hard to be happy when 40-65 hours of your week is spent in misery. But, there is hope! You can build a better career life for […]

Jazz Up Your Career Life In 7 Steps (Part 1)

There are millions of people around this world who are miserable about their career path. Most of them are angry or depressed. They are like ticking time bombs. That’s because there seems to be no hope for them. But there is hope! You can definitely create a better career life for yourself! Let me show you how. Jazz Up Your […]

Master The Disciplines Of Success

Do you ever wonder how some people actually rise from the lowest bottom to lead the world around them? It’s amazing! They are just like everyone else, and then BAM! Suddenly they are powerful! Then, everyone else says, “How did they do that?” In this world, there are two kinds of people: struggling followers and strong […]

Write Big Goals & Reach Them

A new year is coming! A clean slate! A new beginning! Someone will say, “It’s going to be the best year of my life?” I love your enthusiasm. That will help. But, we know that great years don’t usually happen on accident. Great years come from extraordinary dreams, plans, calendars, and routines. I don’t want you to be like […]

The Bible: Not A Book – It Is A Living, Speaking Voice

I will begin todays message with this great quote… When you read God’s Word, you must constantly be saying to yourself, “It is talking to me, and about me.” (Soren Kierkegaard, 1813–1855 Danish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic, and religious author) People have asked me, how can you read from the same “book” every day for more than 20 years. “Surely […]

I Am Never More Distracted…

I am never more distracted than when I turn on worship music and I start to pray each morning. I bet it’s the same for you. But we must be more persistent than these distractions! Eventually, they will fade away… and what happens in that short moment will definitely change the course of our entire […]

To Rage Against the Proverbial “Box”

I love my hometown, the simplicity of country living and the high moral character of the people here. I would not be the person I am today, if it were not for the loving nurture of this lowly community. Small towns raise GOOD people. Historically, so many great soldiers and political leaders have come from […]

Commencement Speaker at LCU Tampa & Receiving My Doctor of Ministry in Theology Degree (D.Min)

This is a very big week for me! Please forgive my madness… Tomorrow morning, I fly to Tampa Florida with Emily Balsamo. Will be spending a few days with Dr. Douglas Wingate, president of Life Christian University. Over 15,000 students in 35 countries have earned one or more degrees from LCU in its first 15 years. Some […]

We Raise Our White Flag, The War Is Over, Love Has Come!

Something BIG happened for me in last nights prayer meeting, even bigger than I first realized. I went home feeling like I was standing on top of a very tall mountain! We emphasized God’s love for us, His kindness and favor fighting in us and for us… the victory that we HAVE. Linda White quoted […]