Journal: God’s Furious Love For Us!

5:00am Thursday, April 6, 2012 Dear Journal: God loved us before we loved Him. He loves us far more than we can ever love Him. At best, all we really give him is our weak affection. He is the magnetic force that keeps us in His hand. We give him ONE SECOND, and He gives […]

From The Video Archives: My 7 Step Best Week Plan!

Are you feeling a little off your game this year? Did you set a few worthwhile goals, and right about now you’re starting to think you were out of your mind for dreaming so big? It’s only March and there is still time generate some real momentum. But, you have to act soon! Would you […]

Unless We Are Challenged…

Happy Friday! Make Me A Legend, Chapter 3 People go crazy over championship contests. Extremely large hordes of obsessive followers stampede their way into the world’s largest venues every time a little guy demonstrates the guts to face a giant. We root loudly for the little guy. We worship the underdog who, against insurmountable odds, […]

The Voice Of Endurance – I Will Survive!

In yesterday’s blog, I posted an image that has some real “attitude.” It was a brilliant typography, titled: Prove Them Wrong. At first I was hesitant to use this image, but it felt necessary for several reasons… though, I assumed that I would need to explain myself at some point. Thankfully, yesterday’s blog brought enormous victory to […]

Finding Great Mentors

Happy Wednesday! This is a photo of Muhammad Ali and his great mentor/trainer Angelo Dundee. According to an article at The Telegraph… Angelo Dundee’s reputation was built firstly on Carmen Basilio – who won world titles at welterweight and middleweight – but then cemented with Muhammad Ali between 1960-81. Dundee was trainer in all but two of […]

Get Up! Restart Your Faith! Live Again!

I remember a time when I never got sick. Others got sick all around me, but not me. I felt like I was indestructible, and in a way, I was indestructible. I trusted God with everything in my life: my provision, health, mental soundness, my peace, happiness, and potential. I saw my past through His eyes, […]

God: I Have Chosen You Because Of Your Heart

Hey Everyone! Last night in prayer meeting, I read from 2 Samuel 15 & 16. King Saul had disqualified himself as God’s first appointed King of Israel… so God commanded His prophet (Samuel) to fill a ram’s horn with oil… and go pour that oil (representing the Holy Spirit) on Kings Saul’s replacement (David, son […]

Attach Yourself To Someone Who is Younger & Less Weather-Beaten Than Yourself!

Happy Wednesday! My Facebook status from this morning: That early morning prayer and devotion time with Ricky Wade was very special to me. His unrelenting spiritual passion is a rare thing in today’s world. Thankful. Yesterday morning, Ricky posted a status on his Facebook: Is your prayer life ON FIRE? When I read his message, I asked myself […]

Merry Christmas 2012 :: Immanuel Is There With Arms Wide Open

Happy Sunday & Merry Christmas! I’m up on Christmas morning, everyone else is sleeping. I’m thinking about my life over the past few years, how much I’ve lost, and the things I’ve gained. I’m thinking about what matters this morning, and what doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter. There are reasons for me to feel discouraged, even […]