What If You Had A Coach?

Some people stay at the bottom because they hit the ground running each day in the chaos, without a plan. They can’t push it back for long enough to see the future they want, and make a plan for getting there. This is where I help! I am a world authority on extraordinary living, guiding champs to the 3 summits of life: wellness, success, and impact!

Consider this: A Harvard Business Study
 found that…

  • 84% of graduates had no specific goals at all.
  • 13% had goals but were not written down.
  • Only 3% had clear written goals and a strategy to accomplish them.

The results to this study were amazing! The 3% who had written goals and a strategy were earning on average 10 times as much as the other 97% combined!

Which person are you?

Struggling and stressed without hope that comes from following a plan? Or are you earning 10 times as much as the other 97% combined?

Today, most people are out of balance, in poor fitness, with weak mindsets, bad relationships, and dead end careers. Your potential is legendary, but at the moment you’re crashing hard!

That’s why you’re here checking this out. You’ve become a minimum wage worker in the company you own, because you’re working on the fax machine and shuffling through the complaints, and doing all the other stuff you hate to do.

But, what if you could push back! What if you could clear the schedule and focus on that one thing that can make you successful beyond your wildest dreams? Then, you could make one brilliant next step after another, until your whole life is changed!

It sounds like a fantasy, but right now it’s well within your reach! Especially, if you hire a coach.

Coaching is the greatest mechanism for dream building, skill building, and necessary accountability. Coaching is a fast, high return investment. The right coach can earn you 10-100 times in income and quality of life.

When you hire a coach, hire an expert!

I’m a master of writing plans, breaking barriers, and achieving big dreams on a personal and professional level! My experience is awesome.

In 5 years (from 25 to 30), I built a start up business from $0 to $400,000 in annual revenues with 35% expenses. Then, at the height of success, I became a professional speaker.

Since then, I’ve given 3000 inspirational talks all over the world on highly influential platforms. Just recently I spoke to a record attendance, 120,000 people in Mandela Stadium in front of President Museveni, live on television and radio to 27 million people in 5 countries!

Thirteen years ago, I founded a thriving church that I still lead today. A few years ago I earned my doctorate, and I was the commencement speaker at my own graduation! I’m a published author with thousands of copies in circulation.

Besides these professional achievements, I’m happily married for 25 years, with 2 highly successful kids and 3 adopted grandkids. I’m a marathon runner, wild adventurer and traveler, and I’m living a well balanced and highly successful life!

My energy is contagious. My strategies are easy to follow. Anyone can start to improve, on the very first coaching call.

It’s hard to believe how often new clients tell me, “That was the most enlightening 30 minutes of my life!”

One client jumped from $250,000 to $800,000 in annual profits in just 3 years of coaching! Next year, he’ll earn $1,000,000!

Another client went from zero to $100k in less than 12 months! This year he will reach $250k and beyond!

Maybe you can just afford a few months of coaching to get some changes started. If you want a higher quality of life, or a huge breakthrough in business or ministry, I can help you reach the next level! 

My coaching is perfect for…

  • Business owners hoping to double or triple profits this year.
  • Entrepreneurs starting a new company.
  • Professionals aiming for a big promotion.
  • Anyone who wants to make a quantum leap in life, business, or ministry.

It’s easy to start! Schedule a free coaching consultation. After that, you can decide if you want to be in my schedule.

Space is limited, so even if you have the money, please don’t sign up unless you strongly desire a far better life, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes.