Make Me A Legend

Make Me a Legend

If you knew your life was almost over, would you write a farewell to your survivors? Although the author’s time isn’t almost over, he wrote his message to those he loves—his family and you.

He studied people’s dreams and forecasted their biggest obstacles, and then sealed his imperative lessons in Make Me a Legend. If you follow Chuck’s fearless lead, you will dream bigger, live bolder, and make the difference you’ve longed to make. Your legendary life will echo in eternity, whether your days are few or many!

In this “save the world” manual, you will learn to:

  • Clarify your God-sized dream.
  • Build an extravagant foundation.
  • Attract the right mentors, peers, and apprentices.
  • Become undomesticated, wild, and free to live at the highest level.

Now you can be a legend in your own family, community, and nation. You can live and be remembered as a selfless, sacrificing, and legacy-driven person. You can grant your survivors a new world that is remarkably preserved in a spirit of innocence and free of godlessness, immorality, and ruin.

It’s very nice to meet you, welcome to the tribe and the great adventure!

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There is something inside each of us that yearns to make a difference. Yet day after day, year after year, we find ourselves settled into mediocrity. Chuck Balsamo skillfully dissects the forces that keep us where we are, then stirs our hearts to become the legends we were created to be. Make Me A Legend is full of profound revelation, inspiration, and motivation. Finally, a book that will not only challenge you to soar, but will give you the tools for the journey as well. Make Me A Legend is an absolute must-read for all that have thought, Is this really all there is?

Gail L. Strother
Author of Appoint Us A King

Mind blowing! In one minute I was holding my side and laughing my head off, and then I was on my knees praying for the next great awakening! A perfect mixture of humor and high persuasion.

Richard Holmes, Lead Pastor
Trinity Harvest Church
Pikeville, Kentucky

This is God’s NOW message, parachuted from the heavens. Pick it up!

The Ren Jones Coaching Group
Cincinnati, Ohio

Make Me A Legend is a once in a lifetime book that will ignite deep hope in every reader. This hope will fuel your desire for seeing and believing in destiny again. You’ll realize that there really is time to yet fulfill it.

These pages are so personal and passionate; it will move you to new and higher places of change and caring. From the very first chapter Beauty is Sleeping . . . an awakening begins to happen. In the chapter Get A Dream . . . fresh vision will sweep over you that it’s never to late to begin. And then a new understanding of your value and importance will unfold as you read Untame Yourself.

It is rare that a book could overcome so much of the negative in our lives, while at the same time setting a new course for Tomorrow’s Great Hope.

This book will be good for your heart and illuminating to your mind. Don’t delay, don’t over think it, just pick it up, and take it in and go to new horizons today.

Worship Leader Kent Henry
Kent Henry Ministries
Chesterfield, Missouri

Make Me A Legend is a manifesto to the soul. Empowering, encouraging, engaging and challenging—from the creative, inspirational spirit of a true leader. Read it and LIVE!

David Frech, Founding Pastor
Church of the Harvest
Olathe, Kansas

Chuck Balsamo won’t stop praying, preaching and writing until an epic spiritual tsunami engulfs the world. As you read this book, watch out—the tsunami may start with you!

Jim Buchan, Senior Staff Writer
Inspiration Ministries (INSP Channel)
Charlotte, North Carolina

Make Me A Legend is a prophetic message that carries the potential to shatter the religious norms that have confined the body of Christ to a small-minded existence and a diminishing impact in our world! As one of Chuck’s mentors, I have witnessed his exodus from obscurity to legendary, knowing the day would come when his voice would be released to the nations. Chuck Balsamo writes with a raw passion, spiritual insight, and humble transparency that will make him one of the leading voices for the supernatural move that God has begun in these days. If you are ready to be awakened to the legendary potential that’s been lying dormant within you, then what you hold in your hands is the wake up call for which your spirit has been crying out! Make Me A Legend is not just a book; it’s the beginning of a movement!”

Marion Dalton, Founding Pastor & Visionary Leader
Bethel Harvest Church
Lexington, Kentucky

Chuck Balsamo is one of the most passionate men of God I know and I believe his book, Make Me A Legend is an eye opening revelation. The Prophet Joel declared, ‘your young men shall see visions.’ I know Chuck Balsamo has seen a vision that is attached to practical keys that will release legendary results. For the last forty years I have been in full time ministry and the prophetic has been the office and gifting that God has honored me to be used by the Holy Ghost in. This book has that corporate prophetic anointing on it that will cause radical changes in individuals, churches and communities. I encourage the strong in heart to take the time to read Make Me A Legend!

Dr. Tim Bagwell, Senior Pastor
Word of Life Christian Center
Lone Tree, Colorado

Make Me A Legend by my friend Chuck Balsamo is loaded with insight! An inspiration for anyone who has ever ‘Hit the wall’ in their walk with God.

Dr. Douglas J. Wingate, President and Founder
Life Christian University
Tampa, Florida

This book is the next spiritual shot-heard-around-the-world! Masterfully written, highly provocative—a must read for all who long for a better tomorrow.

Christopher L. Whetzel, Founding Pastor
Believers Victory Center
Moorefield, West Virginia

Chapter Previews

Chapter 1: Beauty Is Sleeping

More and more of us gather in private around this imperative theme. We rendezvous in coffee houses and office break rooms, on cell phones and over the Internet; we cannot seem to sufficiently curb our widespread craving. From nearly every city worldwide and throughout the countrysides, there is a rising band of restless souls sniffing for a roadway back—all the way back to the bygone simplicities of yesteryear. Even though we can’t seem to agree about which path will lead us out, we all want something or someone from this world or another to break our curse and wake us up!

Chapter 2: My Greatest Spiritual Fantasy

There is always time for one last great awakening! Sometimes, when you and I consider the gross darkness blanketing this current world without looking back into the brightness of our history, we may lose all hope for a better tomorrow. Our history, however, shows us a different story. No society is ever too far beyond God’s reach. Darkness is no match for God’s light and love. When God is requested, He always surges into the darkness. The darker the world, the greater the need—and the more ambitious God is about flashing onto the scene! If the blazing sulfur has not yet fallen, then there is still hope! God comes to us when things cannot get any worse because that’s when we usually reach for Him. It’s when we cannot do a single thing to fix ourselves, when the darkness is dreadful, and we are brought to our senses in hopeless exhaustion—He rushes in!

Chapter 3: The Legend Begins

Millions of hopeless, innocent souls wait for a legend to step up and face every one of these 21st century threats, or more blood will spill and more good people will die. If not you, who? If not now, when? This world needs a new order of physicians who are in the profession of healing for the life they can bring instead of the luxuries they can take away. We need a new order of politicians who aim for public service instead of personal renown. We need a new order of attorneys and judges with ancient values and a sober cry for justice, and a new order of millionaires and billionaires with a saintly revelation of stewardship and a pleasure for pouring their riches into the right things. We all need to become a far better kind of people, doing the right and best and difficult things, and for far nobler reasons. Then we need to infuse this into our children and grandchildren—far more intentionally than has been done over the past 100 years.

Chapter 4: Tomorrow’s Great Hope

It can be frightening to consider that a nation’s survival can be resting on the shoulders of commoners like us. But it’s important not to get nervous and throw away this book out of fear that you may end up enlisting in some revolutionary movement. For now, just consider that you may be one of the legendary prophetic deliverers of your day! Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent laying it all on the line to maintain a flourishing home environment, a CEO leading your multibillion-dollar corporation into new horizons, or a retiree searching for significance, this is your trumpet call to action!

Chapter 5. Exposed To The Bigger Cause

Now that he was exposed, there was no stopping what would happen to David next. Curiosity and courage were pushing him away from the sidelines. By now, David’s thumping, pounding, thrashing heart was screaming out, Oh, dear God, what’s going on inside of me? No matter how hard I try, I cannot suppress this burden for another second! This is it. There’s no turning back for me now. Enough is enough for this Goliath creature; he should have retreated while he had a chance. There is just no way I can sit here with my mouth shut and my hands idle while everyone I love descends into slavery! My country, my faith, my family, my future—everything is facing annihilation. If I don’t rise to this occasion, my pretty, little sheltered life won’t be worth living twenty years from today. I, the disregarded errand boy, was born for this very moment! If I die here, then at least I will die honorably in my arena, pouring out my own blood for the possibility of a better tomorrow!

Chapter 6. Hurry Up And Find Rock Bottom

While rock bottom will always be the low mark of your life, it is so much more—rock bottom is the starting location for your next exciting journey. So no matter how bad things might be going in your life right now, go ahead and free your heart to hope again! This moment is the end of your life as it has been to this point, but it need not be the end of you. Change your perspective! Be optimistic about all the suffering you’re going through, for this can be the start of something wonderful—it can be all upward from here, if you just do the right thing at rock bottom.

Chapter 7. Earn Your Keep

It’s a front-page story—fast becoming a large-scale, countrywide crisis. Will this be the end for us? Yes, of course, unless we get up and do something. It seems to me that freeloaders largely outnumber breadwinners; and one person can’t carry ten deadbeats in today’s expensive world. This isn’t about one or two lazy people. We have an epidemic on our hands! Deadbeat dads, moms, and kids, deadbeat workers and bosses, deadbeat politicians, deadbeat Americans and Europeans—deadbeat people! Everyone has a few friends or family members with deadbeat (DB) tendencies. Some of us may even have it ourselves and not know it yet. Hurry up, cover your mouth and disinfect your hands! Put on a yellow mask and a pair of rubber gloves. It’s spreading!

Chapter 8. Get A Dream

I would say the greater part of our society lives and dies in a Jacob-like pre-metamorphosis form. They are the Jacob who never blossomed and the Israel that could have been. It happens so often because few people ever push for God’s dream like Jacob did. Let’s be very honest. Besides a surface glance at Rick Warren’s best-selling book The Purpose-Driven Life, most people never really wrestle with God about their identity. Our world is covered with millions, even billions, of striving Jacobs sleepwalking through the wastelands of meaninglessness, perishing without a clear life dream, doing what they do only because there is nothing better to do—whatever, wherever, whenever, until finally they retire to their pine box caskets.

Chapter 9. Build An Extravagant Foundation—Why?

Nervous people demanding split-second results; this is our world. When today’s achiever cannot measure results in terms of above-ground progress, they usually jump ship in search of something far more immediately gratifying. It is comical to watch how enthusiastic people are when they first encounter a sizable dream like ours. Springing up so quickly—out of nowhere, unreservedly committing their blood, sweat, and tears to nothing more than a well-pitched proposal—only to fizzle as they calculate how much longer it could take before they will be able to personally benefit from the dream.

Chapter 10. Build An Extravagant Foundation—How?

The following is a very basic eight-point inspector’s checklist. I have created this list from my numerous years of failing inspections! Even though there are 100 items or more on the full-length version, these are a few of the crucial ones. So, slow down and read these next several pages with careful eyes. Don’t be tempted to skip ahead! Double-check your work; make sure it is just right. This eight-point self-examination will save you and the Big Guy a whole lot of time, and I am sure you will both appreciate that!

Chapter 11. Celebrate Your Progress

Let us consider the wonder of scuba divers for a minute. Because divers are not able to sustain life in an aquatic environment, they bottle an environment, strap it to their backs, and take it with them—into the deep. In a place where human life is not biologically sustainable, divers thrive! Just like the scuba diver, you can bottle up your frenzied fans, strap them to your back, and dive to the deepest hell! You will thrive where others have failed before you, because you will draw your breaths from the environment on your back. This point can never be overstated. Lasting legends carefully and prayerfully screen for the highest-grade fans they can strap to their backs. Even though everyone is welcome to join them for a game or two, legends police their stadiums insistently.

Chapter 12. Stop Being So Human

What if…we are really not alone? What if time and eternity share this same universe, and our physical world is actually the lesser of two or more greater dimensions? What if right now, just beyond the scope of our finite eyes, there is a mass company of angels whispering through the skies? What if God’s omnipresent Spirit is with us right now, undetectable with a natural glance? What if we are being watched, even admired, as we work and play and sleep? Suppose every incautious step we take is being safeguarded by these divine and angelic influences. Do you ever wonder what this spirit world might look like if you could peel off your physical body and see it through God’s eyes?

Chapter 13. Put On Your Legends Cloak

Several years back, I had a remarkable vision—so real, I will never forget it! In the vision, I was window shopping in an old ghost town. I was the only person there. Just like in all the Western movies, there was one typical dirt road running through the middle of town and wooden porches on the front of the buildings lining both sides of the road. As I strolled past a few saloons, a hardware store, and a barbershop, there was one particular store that captured my attention. I noticed a few antique mannequins in the window display, and I leaned in for a closer look. Each mannequin wore the dusty cloak of an ancient prophet. I noticed a sign attached to the bottom of each mannequin. The first sign read, “The Cloak of Prophet Moses, 35 trillion HC (Heaven’s Currency).” The second sign read, “The Cloak of Prophet Jeremiah, 31 trillion HC.” The last sign read, “The Cloak of Prophet Elijah, 30 trillion HC.” As I read these prices, my head dropped and I broke down and cried. As I turned to walk away, suddenly God was standing there with me! He put His arm around me and asked me why I was crying. I replied, “I really want to have one of those cloaks but I don’t have enough money.” I thought for a minute and continued, “If these cloaks have been for sale for all these years and nobody’s been willing to pay these prices, why don’t you put them on sale?” To that, God postured up fast, and explained, “I will never reduce the high cost of wearing a legend’s cloak!” Someday, in the not too distant future, a few of us are going to shop in that ghost town from my dream, and God is going to give us one of those legend’s cloaks! It can be you, dear reader! Yes, it really can! But how far are you willing to go? While the rest of your world is much too content living shallow on someone else’s faint description of yesterday’s God, while so many smoke up their days toying around with Him as if He is little more than a momentary hobby, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Chapter 14. Get Connected: Mentors, Peers, and Apprentices

In this chapter, “Get Connected: Mentors, Peers, and Apprentices,” we are climbing down from the bleachers and stepping into the private lives of the star players—before and after game time! This is a huge revelation about the secret to their legendary strength and skill, the reason we get shivers when they race into the arena. If you want to see it all, you will need to walk softly and be invisible—so we can study our subjects without spooking them. Watch and listen as they do life with their family, friends, fellow players, and coaches. Once you see how they interact on those unappealing practice fields during those painful, sweaty practices, and you sit in on a few of those historical, smelly pre-game, half-time, and post-game locker room speeches, you will more fully comprehend the secret power of a legends network!

Chapter 15. Bow Lower As You Climb Higher

The spiritual principle: In real life, the risk of playing it safe is always far greater than the potential high risk of collapsing on the move. If you do nothing, you can be certain that natural erosion and future storms will inevitably bring you down. There is no doubt about it; humility is far simpler for the humiliated person. There is an apparent safety in the whipped down, low-risk life. But, you don’t have to evade success to keep that beautiful heart. You can definitely take it to the top with you! That is what I mean when I say, “Bow lower as you climb higher.”

Chapter 16. Take Your Heart Up With You

I don’t want to let my heart grow cold, not even a little bit. I don’t want to become so comfortable with all of my maturing friends that I only desire their company. I can’t imagine spending my whole future in a moderately perfected elitist alliance. If I ever found out that a lowly person was shamed in my “exalted” presence—it would break my heart to pieces. God forbid that I should ever despise the strugglers. I never want to lose my passion for reaching them, never want to forget my tears when praying for them, never want to cease to honor them with sincere humble service.

Chapter 17. Untame Yourself

Every once in a while, we are provoked just about to the point of radical action, but we never actually make a stand. It has been too long since Christians have stood up, made a real stand, and had a real voice in our society. We’ve been talked down, mocked down, and beaten down. We hide in our safe havens, sweltering in silent frustration, resisting the evilness of our day, but only through non-participation. Although the numbers are on our side, we are slaves to a wicked minority simply because we fear them. The whole universe watches and wonders how much longer we will stand back and shut up. Can you hear that howling in the distance? The civilized world of today, which seems so real, is nothing more than a thin veneer, which is gradually being torn away. You and I are so much older than the days we have seen and the breaths we have drawn. Eternity is throbbing behind us like a mighty rhythm—as the tides and seasons sway. We cannot hesitate! The God of our ancestors is waking up the ancient instincts lying dormant underneath the layers of our modern domestication. There is a howling in the distance!

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