Live and Love Like There Really is No Tomorrow!

Good Morning Friends, 

Last night, we had family night for my Uncle Tuff from 6-8pm. I’m so grateful for all the people that sacrificed their Monday evening to come give us a hug and a smile. Life is so busy… and when people make time to get dressed up, drive to a funeral home, and stand in lines just to let friends know how much they care… it’s a very big deal! I sincerely pray this morning… for blessings to shower down on every single one of our kind visitors from last night… and all those who will come to the funeral today. The difference is FELT by all of us! 

My message today will be short, since I still need to finish writing the funeral message… and I need to pray for the strength to be able to do this. Today I burry my Uncle, Big Brother, and FRIEND… and tomorrow I observe the 3 year anniversary of my Mom’s passing. In three years… I’ve lost three PILARS: My Mom, my Grandfather, and now my Uncle Tuff. Rest in peace you guys!

Todays inspirational thought: Life is short… so live each day as if there really is NO tomorrow. 

This morning, I woke up thinking about how bad I’ve been eating and all the stress I’ve been under lately. I thought about the changes I need to make if I really want to live a long life. I thought about the things that matter most to me… and the things that really shouldn’t matter at all.

As I was leaving the bedroom, I walked around to Emily’s side of the bed and gave her an extra hug… kissed her forehead and gave her another hug… and then another one, with big tears in my eyes. Should my life end this morning, I wanted her to know how much she was LOVED by the man of her dreams! 

The reality of my Uncles SUDDEN departure is turning my world upside down in so many ways.

I cant help myself from wondering, who in my sphere of influence is heading to heaven next? Is it going to be me? Do my friends and family KNOW how much I care about them? My Uncle Tuff LOVED me so much! That I KNOW beyond all doubt! And even though his life was ended suddenly… he loved like there was no tomorrow. Even though he couldn’t say goodbye to his kids… he left EVERY OUNCE of his heart with them by the way he LOVED them EVERY DAY! 

What if your life ended suddenly, this week? Are you ok with your friends and family having to figure out how you felt just by the way you lived and loved? What kind of changes will you need to make so that you leave this earth with no unfinished business? Life is short, even when we live to 95. We are here today… and TOMORROW, we are gone.

I pray todays blog causes you guys and gals to think and pray for the kind of change that makes YOUR life ALL that it’s supposed to be and so much more! I pray that this blog site keeps on adding tremendous value to your amazing lives! God bless you all…

Ps: So much for a short blog! lol

Stop Thinking – Go Into The Family Room and Pray!

Good Morning Friends,

I wanted to sleep in today… but as always – I’m wide awake with a vast array of stampeding thoughts racing through my mind. So I whispered to see if Emily was awake… she was… and I started crying on her shoulder. Her early morning councel was short, sweet, and straight to the point. She said, “Charlie, stop thinking… go into the family room and PRAY… get up real close to God, and tell the devil to get out of your thoughts!”

There can be no sleep where there is no peace. Yeah I know this, but every once in a while I still get overwhelmed with the very real issues of life… and I find myself concerning about things that God has already promised to handle for me. Instead of sleeping while God does his job, I lie awake trying to figure out how I am going to do Gods job for him – just in case for some odd reason God forgets about me.

The Bible tells us over and over, that God will never forget us… that he will never leave us alone… he will never forsake us… that he loves us because we are his very own children… and he is not only our GOD… he is also our FATHER. And as long as this is true, we can face anything life throws our way. 

Psalm 23:4 

“Even when I walk
      through the darkest valley,
   I will not be afraid,
      for you (God) are close beside me.

   Your rod and your staff 
      protect and comfort me.” 

It’s so hard to keep our eyes on Jesus while walking across stormy waters. During these times, we must pray a whole lot more than usual. Instead of contemplating all potential scenarios and projecting certain actions based on each of these scenarios… we should “stop thinking… go into the family room and PRAY… get up real close to God, and tell the devil to get out of our thoughts.”

Life will hand each one of us a perfect storm or two… and maybe one or two more than that. If you haven’t faced one yet, be thankful… and learn from those of us who have lived to tell their perfect storm stories. Please don’t misunderstand me here… I am not yet a perfect storm survivor. I’m only a few weeks into mine… and so far, the only advice I have is this: Whatever it takes… get yourself into a mode of unbroken communion with Father God… and STAY THERE until the waters are calm again.

Yesterday, my Uncle Tuff (Adam Paul Dobzeniecki) died at the age of 41. Now you all know I am POLISH… so be nice! He’s been needing a heart transplant for several years now and hasn’t been able to get onto the eligibility list. My Uncle Tuff was like the best big brother there EVER was! He loved me so much… his encouragement was like spring rains… making me GROW and THRIVE. (He’s the guy in right of this photo with me on my wedding day)

When I was a 12 and he was 17, he always let me tag along… made me feel so cool riding around Belport High School in his sweet new red Camaro. I spent every Friday night at his house, eating a bowl of ice cream, watching the Dukes of Hazard, and doing all kinds of silly things! Throughout the years we disconnected over faith… and it was so painful for us both. And over the past few years, we reconnected in a VERY BIG WAY! My Mom died 3 years ago… then her dad died a year and a half later… and now her baby brother.

I had the honor of leading all three of them to the Lord… and all three of them are in heaven today! That’s good news! Yet, it does not ease all my pain… and the loss comes at a very bad time. So… I’m going to log off now and do what Emily told me to do… “stop thinking, go into the family room (I’m already here) and PRAY… get up REAL CLOSE to God… and tell the devil to get out of my thoughts!”

Thank God for the gift of being able to DRAW NEAR TO GOD IN PRAYER! Thank God for the secret place… that awesome pavilion where God hides us in times of trouble! Thank God that EVERY time we draw near to Him, HE ALWAYS DRAWS NEAR TO US! 

Maybe todays blog will help you today or sometime in the future. I pray as always that this message adds tremendous value to your amazing life! Love you guys!