We’re Just Growing Up… That’s All!

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growing-tallHappy Tuesday Everyone!

When Jesus was physically in the earth… he asked his disciples, “Where is YOUR faith?” He spent so much time mentoring them and utilizing every coachable moment to help prepare them for his physical departure. Jesus didn’t plan to stay in the earth hand feeding these guys forever… he wanted his disciples to learn how to CALM their own storms… he wanted them to use their own faith and MOVE their own mountains… he wanted them to HEAL the sick people in their own world long after he would return to heaven!

Let’s face the truth… it’s never easy keeping our eyes on Jesus, especially when we’re walking on water with the adventurous tasks he’s called us to embark upon. I believe this is one of the tests of spiritual maturity… for each of us to master the art of KEEPING OUR EYES ON JESUS, even in the stormiest of circumstances.

Only in recent years, has this been an issue for me. When I was young in the Lord, everything was fine. In fact, when I look back to those early days, I seemed so much stronger than I am today!

Even with a beautiful prayer life, and a DAILY commitment to consume the pages of my bible… even with that, I am left with a LESS than manifest awareness of Jesus than his 12 disciples had. Believe me, I know VERY well the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit and I am not under estimating the awesomeness of the way he COMFORTS us. I’m just stating the reality of this challenge we all face… STAYING IN THE AWARENESS OF GODS COVERING over us as we mature.

When I was a little kid in the Lord, I had a child-like faith that carried me through to victory after victory. Maybe my trials were much smaller back then, even though they were GIGANTIC at the moment. Maybe those kindergarten trials, mixed with my toddler depiction of Daddy God made me feel like NOTHING COULD EVER TAKE ME DOWN… so it never did!

What if my trials weren’t really all that tiny back then? What if God works with us is the same way he worked with his 12 disciples. What if… in our early days, he calms the storms FOR us. And what if, eventually we are supposed to LEARN how to take our delegated authority and CALM OUR OWN STORMS! This is where we stumble isn’t it? We want to be kids forever… and we want Jesus to do everything FOR us. And all along, he is trying to RAISE UP MEN and WOMEN OF GOD.

The goal of a maturing Christian is the same goal that Jesus had for his 12 disciples.

  • As babies, Jesus does everything FOR us.
  • As toddlers, Jesus does everything WITH us.
  • As mature adults, we do what Jesus has trained us to do, the way he has trained us to do, with the power and authority he has given us to do it with…everything under his direction, everything for his glory!

So, you see… God is not abandoning us these days as it may seem. He is teaching us to spread our wings and fly like the eagles! Maybe this trial you’re facing today is just not going away until YOU rise and DO WHAT JESUS HAS BEEN TRAINING YOU TO DO! You’re not alone… you are well covered… and well able to do this… so rise and be mighty, for the LORD IS WITH YOU and he has promised that he will NEVER LEAVE YOU or forsake you! We’re just growing up… that’s all!!!

Hope this adds great value to your lives… have a super day! Chat with everyone later…