(Video) Heaven’s 16 Scoop Ice Cream Cone!

Happy Thursday!

Feeling pretty sad about my dear Emily, having to work @ Kohls from 5:30am till 4:30pm today. She has to be the worse morning person I’ve ever known! Really, I must do something about this SOON. God be with Emily today, please give her strength… and a happy HEART and smiley FACE all day long!

Last night after church, my daughter Heaven and I went to Baskin Robins, for their 31 cents per scoop promotional! As you can imagine, my hyper Heaven ordered a 16 scoop waffle cone! The Baskin Robins employees said it was the biggest waffle cone they’ve ever made! People were whippin out their cell phones and taking pictures, and making weird sounds, and cheering her on like she was competing for gold in the world Olympics!

She actually downed about 9 scoops before we phoned up an ambulance! What a disgusting PIG, Heaven Balsamo! lol

You guys can check out the facebook thread from the photo we posted last night… the last time I checked, there were something like 30 (hilarious) comments!

Here’s the video we made from that memorable late night ice cream run! Warning: this video may cause excessive salivation! haha


That’s it for today… nothing super spiritual, just something to make you smile! If you were hoping for a spiritual message, please enjoy the 528 blog archive! Use the search feature… and find the exact message for your moment! I love you all…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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Coree-izing Your Life!

Happy Friday!

As this afternoon begins the weekend for most of you guys, it begins the ending of our very blessed vacation. I have the best mother and father in laws… our time here on Hatteras Island with them has been something to be cherished… as it is every year!

I’m very excited about getting back to home sweet home! Can’t wait to see my family and all my beautiful friends at Destiny Family Center… and bring them some of the victory I received these past two weeks.

Last night, we stopped into the arcade at the old Buxton Drive In and played the stacker machine a few more times… trying to win a Spider Man digital camera Coree wanted! His enthusiasm for this prize, at the age of 18… it was HILLARIOUS! Thanks to Elizabeth and her arcade mastery, Coree walked out of that place with a STRUT!

They were even singing songs about the spider man digital camera on the suburban ride back to the cottage… PASSIONATE SONGS! If last night had been karaoke night at the Froggy Dog, they would have taken their song to the masses!

The ENERGY from those few hours was something to LEARN FROM!

This is one of the mysteries of my son… his ability to turn a $19 digital camera into a mega TREASURE that EVERYONE ELSE DESIRES!

I’m telling you guys… we we’re swept into Coree’s EXCITEMENT… laughing hysterically… our creative forces were DANGEROUS! I was SO IN LOVE WITH HIS PRIZE that I almost decided to trade my IPHONE for his SPIDEY CAMERA!

Coree has a UNIQUE gift for turning every day moments into ONCE IN A LIFETIME memories! I’ve never seen anything like it! Every day is a vacation in Coree’s world!


One of my goals for the next few months is to COREE-IZE my life! I’m going to try my hardest to see my world through his eyes. The goal is to take what’s COMMON and make it RARE! I want to make significant adjustments with my life, ministry, and schedule… adjustments that will give me the kind of life I don’t need to escape from.

Somehow I believe there is a way for all of us up the preciousness of our everyday lives! Then we wont be so DESPERATE for our vacations… and so depressed when they are almost over!

So, what do you say? Ready to COREE-IZE your life too? Hey, if you need some help… I’m sure Coree is willing to help for the right price! Maybe Coree should become a consultant! He could become a CREATIVITY GURU! Now, that’s an IDEA!

Ok… I better log off and pray over some of this before my family wakes up. Last vacation day… lots to do! Please leave your comments EVERYONE…

Let me leave you with a video of Coree and his friend Cole Moore on their suped up shopping carts! See what I mean!!