3 Steps To Get Motivated When You’re Not Inspired

Some days you’re revved straight from the start. Fresh ideas rush your mind. It’s like a bipolar upswing. You’re riding fast, and nothing can stop you. Then sometimes, you feel like a windless sailboat in the vast ocean, with a long way to travel and not a trickle of energy to get there. It’s easy to […]

Applauding Your Progress!

Happy Wednesday Friends! We’ve been out of town at an amazing conference… coming home today. I’m planning to describe our beautiful encounter with Reinhart Bonnke tonight at DFC, seven pm! Hey, if you cant make it in person, catch the LIVE webcast.  It was so nice meeting hundreds of Pastors who are facing obstacles similar […]

Struck Down But Not Destroyed :)

Good Morning Friends,  I’m kind of taking off from blogging today… hope this inspirational clip brings you plenty of courage to face your day and make it great! You guys are champions… and champions can take the hits! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3wuXyOUKJw&feature=related Here’s a text version of the video… Be inspired!  “What is it you said to the […]