Stop Flipping Out… Relax!

Good Morning Bloggers! Last night… a bunch of church friends gave Emily a beautiful birthday party!! It was a blast… the birthday cheer was amazing… the cake was AMAZING! I prayed earlier that God would do something really nice today for every party guest! So brace yourselves… its coming! I woke this morning… in the same vein of revelation […]

In Love vs. Real Love

Happy Valentines Day Friends! Love is in the air… everywhere we look there are big red hearts and chocolates and flowers and… couples holding hands… smiling faces… and happy people saying I LOVE YOU! Let’s not miss the opportunity to let people know how much they matter to us on this LOVEY day! Yes, I fully understand that […]

My Valentines Day Advice :)

Happy Monday Everyone! The photo glitch is still not fixed… so no fun photos AGAIN today. A special sorry goes out to all my VISUALLY oriented blog buddies! (fixed since this blog was posted) Hope you all had a super weekend! We hiked St. Mary’s Falls on Saturday (I would post photos, but oh wait, I […]

My Son Replies To My Text :)

Happy Thursday Friends! If you have kids… if you have teenage kids… then you know how difficult it can be when they start desiring friends and movies, and bowling, and football games, and going to concerts… WITHOUT YOU. Fortunately, my family has remained VERY CLOSE through these teenage years… and we still spend lots of […]