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Chuck Balsamo is Lead Pastor at one of the greatest small town churches in America. In recent years, he’s become a sought-after author, speaker, and business coach. Chuck lifts people up from the bottom to love God passionately, see big dreams, and reach them!

As a teenager, Chuck became fascinated with entrepreneurship when his family purchased a campground. Chuck obsessed with hard work and long hours. His work ethic was uncommon. It blessed everyone in his life.

But, Chuck wasn’t perfect. Summer nights at the campground meant living in tents, and endless parties. In the summer of 1990, Chuck (19) married his childhood sweetheart, Emily (17). Six months after that, at rock bottom from addictions, godlessness, and a teen pregnancy, the two gave their lives to Christ over the phone with a born-again high school friend. Hope and a newfound faith gave Chuck and Emily a strong desire to make a difference, so they set out to change the world!

At 23, Chuck became a real estate agent. By the end of his second, full year in real estate, Chuck reached $100K. Then, through one-on-one coaching with the top real estate coach in the nation, Chuck built one of the leading real estate teams in America. By year four, he was reaching the $250K mark. In year five, at the height of his success—when he was on track for 160 sales and $400K—Chuck and Emily took a giant leap of faith out of business into full-time ministry!

Four months later, in Murfreesboro North Carolina, Chuck’s first two-day “revival meeting” extended for 97 days! In a church of 50 people, 171 guests came to Christ and hundreds more were healed from everything you can imagine. The entire community was impacted. From this, doors for ministry opened, filling Chuck’s calendar with 300 meetings per year—for the next three years!

Since then, Chuck and Emily have spoken in India, Uganda, Ukraine, Albania, Peru, Dominica, and Mexico; not to mention all over the USA. More than 15,000 people have come to know Christ and thousands more have risen into their higher purpose.

The Balsamo’s have a son, Coree, and a daughter Heaven. Coree is a remote village backpack missionary, currently serving God in India, Nepal, and Peru. Heaven is a pastry chef, recently married, and adopting a son!

Chuck and Emily have one dog, one cat, four water gardens, and 50 koi fish. They enjoy hiking, running, surfing, and adventuring. They love to meet new people and they love their hometown!

In June of 2012, Chuck earned his Doctor of Ministry from Life Christian University. He recently published his first book of many to come, Make Me a Legend. Chuck leads and instructs the Destiny Campus of Life Christian University. Chuck also coaches everyday people, business owners, and millionaires in life and business! 

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Chuck blogs at chuckbalsamo.com where he inspires and encourages a large and growing network of friends. You can meet Chuck in person on most Sundays at Destiny Family Center or at his other speaking events.

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34 thoughts on “About Chuck

  1. Thanks for the good luck buddy… you inspire so many people! Your devotion to God and your faithfulness to his people is beyond words! Get that blog started Ronnie!! 🙂

  2. Hey Chuck I finally got to read your blogs! Anyways I can't wait till' your book comes out, it just might be the first book I actually read ALL the pages!!! Haha 🙂

  3. Hey Chuck I am very excited about your book! I have sat under your preaching and now your teaching in bible college. I have to say you add life and power and animation to whatever may be the topic.

    I feel your book will be just the same. I sure hope you release it in audio format as well as written because your platform communication skills captivate any audience! Vickie

  4. Chuck, just read your biography for the first time – WOW! What an awesome testimony you and your family have! I’m glad to know you and look forward to keeping in touch with you in the future. God bless you guys!


  5. Chuck,

    Great to meet you at Hugh’s fundraiser. Go to creighton.edu and click on ‘students’ link and look for Daily Reflections. I hope it provides food for the spirit.

    Many blessings until we meet again,
    Janine ter Kuile

    • Janine, it was great to meet you too! I checked out the website and loved it. I would love to know more about your future dreams! Praying for you success. 🙂

  6. Hey chuck! you inspire me to live for Christ and you have opened my eyes to realize everything that he has done for me so i want to thank you! and if you could please pray for me i would appreciate it. i come to your church on Sunday’s and i have a lot going on and god is the only one i have left in my life. Please pray for me! Much love. 🙂

    • Jaymie, this is one of the greatest messages! Thanks for being so appreciative. This is why I exist… to make this kind of difference. It is a huge blessing to have you in our church family. 🙂

  7. What an amazing story you guys! Chuck I follow you and vice versa on twitter, I’m @cunningham_tiff (Mom).
    As a fellow believer in Jesus and all of His power I am going to have to make a trip to visit the church. I’ve never been to VA but when I do I’m coming there for church! May God continue to bless ya’ll!

  8. HI chuck! Y’all have a great story ! I watch your broadcasts on your website and its just amazing. I had one question from your godly perspective do you think the world will end on December 21 like people are saying?

    • Hello Layla, that’s a great question! Even though I don’t personally believe the world is going to end on December 21st… I always encourage people to live a life that is fully prepared for eternity. Live everyday in full close relationship with God, and pursue His destiny for your life. Be happy and thankful for the days and years you have… live bold, dream big, and make a difference with everyone, everywhere, everyday! Make memories as you live in the NOW. Live in a constant awareness of the awesome reality… that this life is short even when a person lives for 90 or 100 years. We have one tiny chance to create a better tomorrow for those who will remain… let’s do that, together, one day at a time. I’m praying for you this morning!!

  9. I absolutely love this blog! I’m a retired Pastor due to disability, but I miss it with a passion, though it doesn’t stop me from sharing the Gospel! I got excited when I noticed your ministry is in VA; wish you guys were in the Tidewater area! We could use from Fresh Manna, here! At any rate, be blessed and thanks for being a blessing!

    • Mr. Taylor, if you are ever in the area, I would love to meet you in person. Fresh water in Tidewater? Hmmm, we have an aggressive vision for planting extension campuses over the next 5 years. Let’s pray about it! Also, I am praying for you this morning, friend.

  10. Hi Chuck how are u? Im Tiago Jordan from Brasil. We Spoke at Disney’s Marathon, remember?
    We scream when my wife Michele ran in that crazy-sea-of-people. Tkz again for the support. And how about Emily run, Did she do ok?
    Best regards from Brasil.
    Tiago Jordan

    • Tiago! Yes of course!! We cheered for your wife again later in the race… It was very fun. Emily did well, had injuries but did well. She also ran again yesterday in Clearwater Florida. We return home tomorrow morning. A busy winter ahead for us both… And for our kids. Send me your mailing address and I will mail you a copy of my book.

  11. Hi there Pastor Chuck,

    I met you at Coree’s graduation from Ai in the DAR building. I also graduated from Ai, same day as your son, with BFA degree in interior design. Not sure if you remember me. I made a four facet-turning box for my presentation instead of a regular booth and I remember you liked it. It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for stopping by at my booth. It just so happen now that I remember the business card you gave me that day.. and so here I am. Hello. How are you?

    It is so great to know that you and your beautiful wife are Holy-Ghost Spirit filled ministers. I would love to visit your church but Destiny Family Center is three hours away from Washington DC! If we ever go out that way on a day when you have service meeting, we’ll definitely stop by. For years now, my husband and I go to Family Worship Center in Springfield, VA 🙂 Check it out! Meet our pastors. We love them. They have big hearts for children, kids, teens…all of them fun bunch, therefore FWC is best known for children ministry.

    • Of course I remember you Lily! You stood out in your class… I was very Impressed! Lets stay in touch… subscribe to this blog site, connect with me on twitter and Facebook… and please come visit me at DFC sometime. Also, please tell me how you are doing with your career since graduation. I’m praying for you this morning. Have a beautiful Friday!

  12. I have followed Pastor Chuck for over 11 years now. I grew up in church and have been around pastors all my life. I can personally say from my heart he has a passion for the Kingdom of God and a heart for the lost. If you are reading about Pastor Chuck for the first time and you don’t have a home church then give Destiny Family Center a try. If you have been hurt by a Christian or a Pastor in the past then give Destiny Family Center a try. Most importantly give the Father another chance. I can assure you no hurt will come your way from this awesome man of God.

  13. Hello Chuck,
    Calvary greetings from Kisumu Kenya in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.I have visited the church website and im highly pleased.I am delighted to invite you to Kisumu ,Kenya East Africa to hold, Crusade, pastors seminar and outreach to the prison inmates at a date ok to your schedule year 2017.Over ninety percent of pastors here have never been to any formal bible school and therefore this four day conference will be a bible school to them. We are a church ministry,evangelistic in purpose.We reach out with the glorious gospel of Jesus to remote areas as well as urban set ups evangelizing and discipling people.We also plant churches.The burden is also upon us to demonstrate Christ’s love by helping and supporting orphans and widows.
    We are based in the lively lake shore- Lake Victoria.

    When you come you will conduct church leaders seminar from 8.00am to 1.00pm After which pastors will go for lunch and then join you at the crusade ground at 4.00pm.The crusade will commence from as 4.00pm to 7.00pm everyday for 4 days.We believe that many souls will be added to the kingdom.
    We are also ready,if you are interested to take you to different schools to preach to the students in government schools.We are in network with over 500 public schools in Kenya.

    We also kindly request your church to partner with our orphanage so that these precious souls can get food,clothing ,education and medicare(James 1.27).
    Thanks so much.
    In Christ,
    Neema Children’s Home

  14. My son, Jonathan Parsons, mentioned that you spoke at Geraldo’s church in Ashland, KY, so I thought I would check out your e-book, Sir!

    • Good to meet you Mike! Sorry for the late response, I’ve fallen behind in my website lately. Had a great time at House Of Grace! Some of the greatest people in the world are in that church! You can download a free copy of my life planning workbook by registering on this website, it’s free! And you can get my book, Make Me A Legend, either on this site (for a signed copy) or on amazon. Hope to meet you someday!