Anticipating a Quantum Leap

Happy Monday! Journal: Lovely weekend. Saturday… we made two birthday parties and a graduation party… and I still managed to blog and write in my book and sermonize and hang out with my family! Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL DAY! We had the biggest technology glitch of our lives at Destiny Family Center… STRESS CITY for […]

I Still Have a Dream Today

Happy Sunday! Got up early, wish it was earlier… having a phenomenal time with God today… would love to extend it for a few more hours! Yesterday was the biggest Saturday for the blog site ever… thanks for the interest you guys… hope your Saturday was beautiful in every way! All night long, every time I awoke… […]

Refresh Yourself!

Happy Saturday! What are you guys planning to do on this very lovely day? Gonna REST and REPLENISH? Maybe go for a walk… or a run… or a swim… or a hike… maybe spread out a blanket and have a picnic? Even if you’re working… schedule some YOU TIME and REFRESH YOURSELF at some point […]

Seeing Into the Soul of a Celebrity

It’s Friday! Even though this means absolutely nothing to me, I know that most of the NORMAL people in this world get excited about TGIF! I’m wishing you guys a beautiful weekend! Destiny Family Center is throwing me a BIRTHDAY PARTY on Sunday evening… 5pm at the home of Mike and Cindy Fortin. You can get directions […]

The Beautiful Gift of Prayer

Good Thursday! The happy sun us beginning to rise this lovely morning… hey, my mimosa tree is starting to bloom, how pretty! Mr. Hopper (the bullfrog) is still singing… he’s been up all night… go to sleep little guy! Over the past few days… just after sunrise, I’ve been getting sprayed with some kind of fluid. Looking […]

The Hope of Restoration

Good Morning Everyone! I read in Micah this morning… and a few verses JUMPED off the page… check this out you guys. Micah 2:12-13  “Someday, O Israel, I will GATHER you;       I will gather the REMNANT who are left.    I will bring you TOGETHER AGAIN like sheep in a pen,       like a flock in its […]

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Sunday! It’s Father’s Day… so Happy Father’s Day all you studly Dad’s out there! I bet you’re all snug as a bug in a rug while I type this blog in the wee hours of this lovely day! It’s beautiful out here on my patio… gonna be a perfect day for being LAVISHED! I […]