It Felt Like A Few Days In The Life of Jesus!

Happy Tuesday! This past weekend honestly felt to me like a few days in the life of Jesus. Here’s why… On Friday night, I worked late (about 10pm) at the office on my Sunday morning sermon and Sunday afternoon LCU teaching syllabus. Spending time reading the Bible, researching, and writing messages for the express benefit […]

Cole Moore & Heaven Balsamo Engagement – Timeline & Images, The Joys & Tears

February 13, 3:00pm, Georgetown Urban Outfitters: Cole Moore asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage! We were in the Urban Outfitters basement section. Cole pointed out how much he liked one of the journals they were selling. I told him, “Cole, I wonder if there is something going on with you lately, where God is trying […]

The Voice Of Endurance – I Will Survive!

In yesterday’s blog, I posted an image that has some real “attitude.” It was a brilliant typography, titled: Prove Them Wrong. At first I was hesitant to use this image, but it felt necessary for several reasons… though, I assumed that I would need to explain myself at some point. Thankfully, yesterday’s blog brought enormous victory to […]

Finding Great Mentors

Happy Wednesday! This is a photo of Muhammad Ali and his great mentor/trainer Angelo Dundee. According to an article at The Telegraph… Angelo Dundee’s reputation was built firstly on Carmen Basilio – who won world titles at welterweight and middleweight – but then cemented with Muhammad Ali between 1960-81. Dundee was trainer in all but two of […]

Mentorship Happens By Accident, But Its Far More Effective When It’s Done On Purpose!

Happy Tuesday! It’s 7am, I’m sitting in a starbucks at the moment, working on an outline for my second book, listening to elevation worship on youtube… I can feel God wrapping His arms around me in a very special way this morning. It’s really wild, like an outer body experience. This room has switched into slow […]

This Is Your Turning Point!

Happy Saturday! Every few days, I like to scroll through my book and pick out a few paragraphs that really speak to me. Here’s what speaks to me this morning… Make Me A Legend  Chapter 6: Hurry Up and Find Rock Bottom Hovering Over Rock Bottom In The Pigs Pen Isn’t it sad and ironic […]

Everyone Needs Mercy

Make Me A Legend Chapter 15: Bow Lower As You Climb Higher Beware, The Angry Mobs  Every time a high-profile person collapses, I feel their pain like it is happening to my family and me. I am not one to churn out the jokes, or shove the strugglers down to hell. While the newscasters, talk […]