Walk Ridiculously Close With God

When you walk close with God, the whole world can fall apart, and it doesn’t matter. You’re on cloud 9 because God is felt beating in your heart. You feel safe. You feel loved. You feel hopeful. It’s awesome. Closeness with God is more fulfilling than any other experience. When you drift away from God, life is a meaningless story. You can have […]

We Are Here, For The Sake Of Each Other

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I cherish national freedom. Like many others, I pray for American troops daily. I thank God for the courageous men and women serving in our military today. I also thank God for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I ask God to comfort their families. Today has me thinking about heroes and mentors. Albert […]

Start With A Vision

In the beginning, God created the universe. Before the beginning, God had a vision of the worlds He intended to make. So, the universe began in God mind. 1. God thought. 2. God spoke. 3. God did. This is the way God creates. And since people are made in God’s image, this is the way we […]

I’m Camping In My Church On An Air Mattress For 7 Days!

Dear Fellow Christians, Please don’t think I’ve lost my mind, but I’m camping in my church sanctuary on an air mattress for one week 24/7 from May 12 (9PM) to May 19 (9PM)… for Virginia’s second annual fasting, prayer, and worship event. During this time, I’ll be on a water fast, and I’ll be praying […]

For The Days You Want To Die

There are those days when you know that, if God doesn’t help, you don’t have enough strength within yourself to keep going. That enormous weight of responsibility, mixed with a barrage of resistance, from circumstances and people. Fear, anxiety, terror. Sometimes, it even makes you cry. And you feel like you might just disintegrate into thin air. […]

The Joy Of Bouncing Back!!

Last night during a DFC prayer meeting, God spoke a 4 word sentence to me. It’s cliché, but when those 4 words hit me the hair stood up on my head! God said, “The Victory Is Yours!” I shared that message with the prayer team, and we all went wild. Then I told them how God […]

Thanksgiving: Be Rich Where It Matters

I’m bursting with gratitude! Yes, of course, my life is challenging (even terrifying) sometimes, but I am rich where it really matters! And so are you. (smile) We are loved by PEOPLE… Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, twitterers, facebookers, mentors, peers, apprentices, the church, churches, etc. We are loved by GOD… Mercy, forgiveness, grace, salvation, everlasting life, Jesus Christ, Holy […]