The Noah Movie – Are You Missing The Real Opportunity?

I’ve read through a plethora of negative reviews from Christians on the social network. I think I’m sticking my neck on a chopping block, but here are my thoughts just in case anyone cares to know. lol


The Noah movie wasn’t written and produced by Billy Graham and Pope Francis. It comes to us from people who are outside of the faith. Of course it’s biblically inaccurate. I explained this to our church several times during my Noah Message Series: Surviving The End at DFC.

When I see this film on Monday, I’m looking for those moments when I can say, “Wow, this is really how it could have been!” I want to see myself through Noah’s eyes, as I go about to save my world. I hope for at least one big spiritual epiphany and a resulting encounter with God.

I also expect to be irritated just like everyone else, about how God is depicted in certain scenes. Maybe much more than irritated.

Maybe, I’ll want to join with so many others in damning this movie straight to hell.

But… (brace yourself)

Why focus on how much you hate this movie, and miss a huge opportunity to start up real discussions with real people about who God really is?

Some people live on a soap box, ranting about the things they hate. Who knows, maybe they’re doing good in some bizarre way… like shoving back the tide of evil or something.

But, I think there is a better way. That is, to seize the better opportunity!

A Better Response

Wipe off your angers. Chill out! Pray about it. See the bigger picture. Millions of people around the world are watching a movie about Noah! They have questions.

They might want to talk about it.

And, so far all they’re getting from us is a bunch of “God Hates The Noah Movie” signs waving in their faces.

I suggest you channel your energies in another direction. 

First, go see the movie. Or not. That’s up to you.

Then, start up meaningful, heartfelt conversations about Noah with your family and friends. In humility, ask real questions and have real discussions. Like…

  • Did you see the Noah film?
  • What did you think?
  • How did it make you feel about God?
  • What is your religious background?
  • What are your questions about the God of the Bible?

Do you see what I mean? Do you see the difference you can make?

Or, you can stand there waving your sign.

Haha, don’t hate me too. I’m just giving you an alternative response. Maybe I’m wrong. But I doubt it. What would Jesus do?

Have Fun,


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Is The Bible Written By Two Gods?

Have you ever wondered how God could be so cruel and merciless in the Old Testament, and yet, so loving and merciful in the New Testament? At a fast glance, it could seem like the Bible was written by two gods. Am I right?


In January, I started to read the Bible again. It’s been my annual routine for 23 years. Sometimes 2-3 times a year. There is no greater way to hear from God, than to read His living book.

This time, I’ve really noticed God’s judgment in the Old Testament. Of course, it’s hard to miss. But, as the modern Church has spread God’s message of grace, judgement has become increasingly difficult to accept.

How can a judgmental God from Old Testament be the same loving God we see in the New Testament? Here are my answers.

God is perfect love. God is also perfect justice.

  • Love and justice.
  • When God made Adam and Eve, He gave them one commandment.
  • They broke that one commandment. They sinned, and became sinful.

Sin raised a barricade between God and people.

  • Because God is justice, He can’t offer pardons without penalties, even though He loves.
  • So there they were, separated from fellowship with the creator.
  • They couldn’t come close to God, without being destroyed.

Justice demanded judgment and a penalty.

  • God was reaching out, and we were reaching back, but the barricade was there.
  • God longed to give us mercy. He wanted to be near us.
  • But, how would God reach us?
  • He had a plan.
  • God promised that He would come to earth as one of us, and that HE would satisfy His perfect justice by suffering the full penalty of our sins.
  • This is what He did.

Jesus came here, lived sinless, was crucified, not for His own sins, but for the sins of the world.

  • Now God offers unearned grace to everyone in the world who will accept His pardon.
  • He gives mercy and forgiveness to all who enter into a relationship with Him, though Jesus.
  • How can He do this?
  • Because love satisfied the stern demands of justice!

The Old Testament is an illustration of life, before there was a savior.

  • Every judgment of God is justified, because without God’s salvation, every person is filled with sin. 
  • The Old Testament is a perpetual reminder of mans helplessness. 
  • The New Testament, with its Gospels about Jesus, is an announcement that should evoke gratitude and thrill like nothing else. 

This is why we make such a big deal about Easter!

  • The crucifixion of Jesus is more beautiful than anyone will ever comprehend.
  • Today, we take God’s grace for granted. 
  • Don’t do that.
  • Read the Old Testament and learn about God’s perfect righteousness, and His justice.
  • Read the New testament and learn about God’s perfect love.

Live a life that is worthy of what Jesus did for you.

What are you waiting for? Return to your God! Commit yourself in love, in justice! Wait for your God, and don’t give up on him—ever! (Hosea 12:6 MSG)

As you can see, the Bible was written by one author, The Author Of Life. It is one beautiful message about creation of mankind and our fall into sin. It is about justice, and sacrifice, and love, and grace!

I hope you enjoyed this message. I’d love to hear from you!

Make A Difference,


Image by: Sheila Lee

LA Dream Center Turning Nightmares Into Dreams

I hate to think about how many details I’ll forget with time. I’m looking out my window at the city of LA. The view is spectacular. I am at the pinnacle of my life. It’s like I want to die right here, because I want to freeze yesterday for all eternity. But then God says, you don’t have to live in this moment forever, because you will have a thousand more! This is a photo we captured from the roof of the LA Dream Center.

LA Dream Center

The Omni Hotel found out I was speaking at Angelus Temple and they upgraded us to the Presidential Suite. Besides, this is one of the finest hotel properties in LA! God bless Alex, Toi, and Mia for making that happen for us. If I lived in this town, I would invite them to our leadership team.

Yesterday, my family went on a tour of LA. They ran into Mike Tyson and returned to me with laughter and stories. I stayed back at the hotel, and I worked on my message outline. I rehearsed my complete message out loud 3 times. I had never been more prepared for anything in my life.

At 5pm we had a personal tour of the LA Dream Center, with Pastor Matthew Barnett. We stood on the roof looking as far as the eye could see in every direction. This is the place where Nightmare On Elm Street was filmed.

Today, nightmares are turning into dreams in this city for thousands of destitute people because of the Dream Center!

They have 700 residents living there each night. There is no place in the world that is more inspirational than the LA Dream Center. Forget the Grand Canyon, everyone should come here at some point in their lives.

Each time we entered a new wing of their hospital, people were lined down the sides cheering and high fiveing us as we walked through. Then someone stood forward and shared an unforgettable story.

One lady was a recovering prostitute.

A man held his two children close, and he thanked God for putting him in the Dream Center last week so he could have his children back.

In the women’s substance addiction wing, we walked through their bedrooms. I noticed the photo’s on their walls were a constant reminder of why they were there.

God, please help them to hold on. Give them the lives they cry for.

At 6:45pm, we were driven 1/2 mile to the Angelus Temple. I’ll never forget what it felt like to see that place all lit up, with lines of people going in.


At 7:03pm, we were brought into the sanctuary. Worship was as #unbelievable. I kept looking around, and thinking who am I to be here speaking tonight?

Emily leaned in to me and said, “I’m so proud of you Charlie. You are the greatest man I know, and you deserve this moment.”

I promise you, I’ve never fought so hard to keep my tears from bursting out.

Then, I was introduced and invited to the platform. I had chills at times, as God moved in my heart. The message was clear. It was well received with hearts wide open.

In the end, a few hundred people packed into the front for salvation and prayer. I signed books for an hour before I had to leave.

Some people cried as we shook hands. They held tight and thanked me for changing their lives. Many of them said that last night was a matter of life and death for them, and God used me to save them.

We had a magical dinner with Pastor Matthew & Caroline Barnett. They are a most beautiful couple. At least ten times, I thought, “I can’t believe we’re sitting here laughing and living life with these amazing people.”

It’s rare to see that much kindness and humility in people who have succeeded like they have.

At the dinner table, they personally invited our son Coree to go with their human trafficking team tomorrow night from 1-5am. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for him. I can’t imagine how this will change his life.

On Sunday, I’m running the LA marathon with Emily. Then we might go seal watching. Disney Land on Monday!

This is one of the greatest weeks of my life. Thank you  for sharing it with me. I hope you are inspired to reach for your own dreams. It’s  amazing how far your life can go in 23 years of following Jesus. I owe everything to Him.

Dream Big,


60 Days & A Cancer Miracle

Do you wonder if God actually does miracles today? Today’s story might convince you! A miracle is happening in my hometown for a dear friend in my home church.


When I speak overseas, there are hundreds of people who claim they are healed in our meetings. Being the skeptic that I am sometimes, I always do whatever I can to confirm that an actual miracle has occurred. Still, there is no doubt for me, I’ve seen it too many times. There is a God, and He does miracles.

Today’s interview with Hugh Henderson is highly credible.

Hugh is with a man with tremendous high character and influence. He is arguably, the most intelligent person I’ve ever known. He is the founder of Appalachian Homeless Mission. His story sticks straight to the facts. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true! Hugh was cared for by competent and compassionate doctors, one of whom did a minor procedure to achieve a fully natural approach and to avoid a need for the use of drugs or chemotherapy.

May this miracle fill you with hope today. There is no sickness that is too far gone. God can turn it around for you.

Amazingly, this is not the only story we have to tell. We give all the credit to Jesus, the healer. What’s happening here can happen anywhere in the world. We’ve focused on the bigness of God. We’ve established a culture of faith. People are believing and praying, and beautiful things are starting to happen.

Here are some thoughts from a recent message I spoke about the bigness of God…

God is good to everyone. He rains on the just and the unjust. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. He is good! In the past, even when you couldn’t see Him, He was always there for you. You might not feel like it lately, but He is there.

God is bigger than your fears, and your circumstances. There is nothing He can’t do. Everything He has is yours, for your good future, and for the accomplishing of His plan. God is wisdom and favor, healer of every sicknesses and disease. God is love—to be lived through you. He is peace that passes all understanding. He is all of this and so much more.

It’s important that you, think about Him OFTEN… that you actually experience Him and know Him—not just about Him.

Your thoughts about Him make a bigger difference than you can imagine… because the object of your attention has the influence and power over your life.

What you focus on, get’s bigger. You can’t make God bigger than He is, but you can make Him bigger in your life. Most people spend too much time concentrating on the bad things. They attract disaster, because they think about it all the time. But, what would happen if you ever got a true picture of God’s bigness? He is Incredible. He is power to change. He is here now. (and) He is love.

I hope this interview increases your concept of God, and positions you for greater things.

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In the video, we offered to pray for you. Visit us at Destiny Family Center sometime. We’d love to make good on the offer!

Too far away for a visit? Post your requests. Our prayer team loves to pray.

Merry Christmas!!

Dream Big,


Image from Little Irish Beauty Box


We’re Blessing 2500 People In 25 Days

Our church is blessing 2500 people in 25 days! We’re only asking for 100 people to commit. But, maybe we can make it 1000 people giving 25,000 gifts for 25,000 testimonies in 25 days. Can we count you in??

25 Days Of Giving

Simply choose ONE PERSON or FAMILY each day that you want to bless. Be random, creative, and courageous. If you’re on a limited budget, give the gifts that don’t cost money. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Visit a lonely elderly person (with or without a wrapped gift).
  • Praise your waitress with a gigantic tip.
  • Buy lunch for the person in line behind you.
  • Drop off a wrapped gift at your neighbor’s house.
  • Mend an old friendship with the gift of forgiveness.
  • Leave a gift in the mailbox for your mail carrier.
  • Bake cookies and give them away (if you make good cookies, lol).
  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken with in years.
  • Go eat lunch with a child at school (with parents permission).
  • Find a person who is going through rough times, invite them to coffee, and listen.
  • Take a bag of groceries to a single parent’s house.
  • Watch someone’s kids and send mom and dad on date night with a restaurant gift card.
  • Give movie tickets to a family.
  • Invite someone to your house for dinner.

On December 1-25 use hashtag #25DaysOfGiving on Twitter and Facebook to inspire others with your giving experiences. Post photo’s when possible.

Here is a story to get it started:

A few days ago, I was buying lunch at the Charlotte Airport and a very sweet lady told me it was her birthday. So, I whispered shhh, and handed her $20. I’ll never forget her reaction. #25DaysOfGiving

Christianity is not completely satisfying when it’s centered on you. It only really works when you reach the “give yourself away” level. Jesus said, “Give, and it will be given to you. To be great, be a servant to others. To find your life, lose it (or, give it away).” I have tested these verses and found them to be true.

But you might say, who am I that I can bless anyone else? What do I have to give? If you will ask God to help you help others, He will do that! Just think, we can be like Santa’s elves. Even better, we can be like real disciples of Jesus!

Now, write a list of 25 people you want to bless. Leave room to be spontaneous with the people you meet. Start each morning with this prayer: Dear God, make me a significant blessing to someone today. Then, let the giving begin. Post your stories to Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #25DaysOfGiving. That’s it!

Please comment this blog with your thoughts and ideas.

Have fun!!

Dream Big,


Write Big Goals & Reach Them

A new year is coming! A clean slate! A new beginning! Someone will say, “It’s going to be the best year of my life?” I love your enthusiasm. That will help. But, we know that great years don’t usually happen on accident. Great years come from extraordinary dreams, plans, calendars, and routines.


I don’t want you to be like most people, who write a 5 minute list of goals on New Year’s Eve, and then forget about those goals by January 7. There are 6 weeks left until the new year begins. Enjoy the holiday season, live fully in the moment, relate with family and friends… but also dedicate some time to dreaming and planning for 2014.

You will miss 100% of the shots you do not make. -Wayne Gretzky

How many shots have you missed because you did not take them? Is there a better life out there waiting for you to dream it, plan it, and pursue it? The answer is yes. So, don’t be like those who are always stressed out, out of focus, and lacking achievement. They operate by the seat of their pants, without a plan. You can be different. You can show the world what you’ve got this year.

You can write big goals and reach them with these 5 simple steps.

1. Clarify Your Dream (3-5 hours one time)

Start with the overall big picture. What do you really want to do with your life? You don’t have to know how to get there. For now, you just need a crystal clear picture of what you want to accomplish. Dream big like anything is possible, because it really is.

2. Write A One Year Plan (3-5 hours one time)

After you’ve clarified your dreams, narrow your focus to the next 12 months. Give equal consideration to each life equity: spiritual, physical, family, financial, career, contribution, character, education, and new experiences. List everything you intend to accomplish for the year. Write a balanced plan that is achievable, with a stretch!

3. Mark Up A One Year Calendar (1-2 hours one time)

To reach big goals, you must be 100% on when you are supposed to be on, and 100% off when you are supposed to be off. Starting with a blank page, mark up your one year calendar with work days, holidays, vacations, etc. This helps you to know when you’ll work and when you’ll play. You should be able to look at the calendar and say, “At a glance of the year, I can see how I will reach each of these goals. I can see when I will need to be focused and work hard, and I can also see when I will be rewarded.” This is very important.

4. Create A Weekly Schedule Of Routines (1-2 hours one time)

Finally, write a weekly schedule of routines. Of course, no two weeks are the same, but if you want to reach your goals, you need to at least know what a perfect week looks like. Starting with a blank, one week calendar, block out weekly routines to accomplish everything in your written plan. Then, try to follow your weekly routines at least 80% of the time. If you do this correctly, you will have plenty of time blocked out for   your goals, and for a year of fun and relaxation.

5. Review Your Dream, Plan, Calendar, and Routines (15 minutes weekly)

Once you have a dream to live for, written into a plan, marked onto a 12 month calendar, and broken down to a weekly schedule of routines… you are ready for the greatest year of your life! Now, all you need to do is keep your total plan in a place where you can review it weekly, rehearse it out loud, and revise it when needed. This is the key step for most people. Because it does little good to write a brilliant plan if you’re going to forget it.

Congratulations! You’re just 5 steps away from the greatest year of your life. Post your questions and comments. I’d love to chat about your dreams, plans, calendars, and routines.

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Dream Big,

Chuck Balsamo

Preventing Another 911

On every September 11, America shivers with the images 9-11-2001. It’s the day when our invincibility came into question. Until then, we felt safer within our borders than anywhere in the world. But, when our hijacked planes (loaded with civilians) crashed at their civilian targets like war missiles, we experienced a terror we had never known.

Terrorist Attack

I walked the streets of NY City just a few weeks after it happened. People held up poster images of their loved ones, wishing for a miracle. Bearded prophets chanted on the corners to anyone who would listen. They spoke about the end of the world. It’s then you realize how evil and unpredictable this world has become.

The masses in our country cried for progress. “Throw off the chains of tradition and religion… the churches are standing in our way!”

They wanted a new America. And they got it.

They blindfolded God, tied His arms behind his back and walked Him into a closet.

They didn’t realize how much He had protected them to that point.

“One attack. We will rebuild, and we will get smarter and stronger. We will never let this happen again.”

And then years pass without incident, and we all feel safer. But most of us cannot see how vulnerable we really are. I have been feeling for some time, that we are on the brink of something terrible.

The hope is that good will always triumph over evil.

But then you open your eyes to the reality of radical terror and how it has spread since then, and you see that our world has cancer. Without intervention, that cancer will strike at America again… and again. It will spread through this land like a fire until it has consumed us to ashes.

The wars are not for geography. There is a spiritual force behind each government in the world. The wars are between good and evil; light and darkness; God and Satan. People are lining up on both sides of the line. There is no neutral zone.

There is a battle for the heart of every nation.

There is a battle for the heart of America. If we are going to side with the light, then let’s do that all the way. If we are going to be good, then let’s be very good. If we are going to be a light to the world, then let’s shine brightly. If we are going to be God’s, then let us be completely and unashamedly His.

To prevent another 9-11, we need something more than a strong government and military.

We need God’s loving, guiding, protecting hand.

Even if you don’t believe in God or serve Him, you should not squash those who do. Instead, we should all find a way to thank God for whatever blessing He may have bestowed upon is to this point. We should welcome Him, honor Him, love Him, and serve Him as much as we each know how.

Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people. (Provers 14:34 NLT) Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14 NLT)

I pray that America will look up to God and thank Him.

That she will humble herself to Him, and turn back to Him. I pray specifically for our president and congress, concerning the situation in Syria. God is bigger than political parties and popular opinion. He knows what’s best for us. He still has a plan for America.

We need Him.

Make A Difference,


I’m Speaking At Angelus Temple, The LA Dream Center Church!

There is a right way to high success. You must work underground for as long as is necessary. Resistance is helpful. Humility is not a hinderance. Foundation is everything. To grow slowly is to grow permanently.

The good guy can be beaten down many times, but still win the war for his destiny – without compromising values and without losing his family or his own soul in the process.

Up until now, I’ve promoted theories about trusting God to promote you when the time is right. Sometimes, I doubted these theories.

But, today my theories are proven true for everyone. I’ve been invited to the big table.

This is an announcement for people with long lingering dreams. You want to change the world, but your time never seems to come. Trust me, your time will come. “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” (Galatians 6:9 NLT)

The Announcement: It is official. I’m speaking for Pastor Matthew Barnett and The LA Dream Center at Angelus Temple in LA California on March 6, 2014! You can watch it LIVE 10pm EST.

Since its construction in 1923, Angelus Temple has been one of the most influential churches in the world.

Angelus Temple was constructed under the leadership of Aimee Semple McPherson, founder of the Foursquare denomination. The cornerstone of the building bears the inscription ‘Dedicated unto the cause of inter-denominational and worldwide evangelism’. It was the largest construction of its time in North America rising “125 feet from the main floor.” A panorama of clouds, which was the work of artist Anne Henneke, adorns the ceiling, and the temple has eight stained glass window depicting the life of Jesus Christ, created by artist George Haskins. (Wikipedia: Angelus Temple)

Recognized Speakers At Angelus Temple

In history, legends like Smiths Wigglesworth and William Branham have spoken at the Angelus Temple.

Today, Angelus Temple is one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America, pastored by Matthew Barnett, founder of The Dream Center International.

Angelus Temple regularly hosts recognized speakers, singers, and performers like Joyce Meyer, Bishop TD Jakes, Steven FurtickTommy Barnett, John Bevere, Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbett, and Hillsong United.

My invitation to speak at Angelus Temple is an honor too big for words. I won’t take it for granted.

On March 6, with God’s help, I will speak one of the greatest Christian messages ever heard!

Angelus Temple/Dream Center Websites


Angelus Temple 1923

Angelus Temple 1935

Angelus Temple 4

Thoughts From My Book, Make Me A Legend

Several years ago, I envisioned myself standing tall on a gigantic international platform, giving a fresh start to millions worldwide. Instead of being there, I was actually awakening to the reality of another average day—all alone on my back yard patio, still typing out my no-name heart, wondering if anyone would even want to read this book by the time it was finally finished.

I knew I was carrying a right-now message, and I feared my topics might not even be relevant if it took much longer to complete. No matter how many focused hours I dedicated to this task and others, time had become my enemy!

I felt like a slow-motion person in a fast-forward world!

Do not be fooled by a fairy tale and undervalue the decades of hard work and dedication overnight success requires. Even though I am one of the most impatient people ever, I am constantly asking God to pull me back when I get too far out in front of His plan.

I will never despise my day of small beginnings—my hunk of junk cars and busted out windows. It might have been nice to grow faster, but God’s timing really has been perfect! So, here it is: “If it [the fulfillment of your vision] seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed” (Hab. 2:3b).

Be encouraged my dear friends. Build your foundation. Trust God completely. And your time will come.

Dream Big,


Hear From God Today & Everyday, Guaranteed!

Hear God

Over the years, I have learned to distinguish between my own intuition and God’s desires inspired in me. Don’t think me crazy, but God always speaks to me when I listen.

I don’t normally hear audible words, but I always have a strong consciousness of God’s influence in my life… as long as I am listening.

Sometimes I forget to listen. Sometimes, I fail to silence the background noises.

Modern life is loud and obnoxious. If you want to hear from God, then you must escape the noise.

God speaks for many reasons:

  • He affirms His love for us.
  • He shows us where we can change and become better people.
  • He inspires us to be act with compassion towards suffering people.
  • He reveals His master plan to us, and the next steps we should be taking.
  • He gives us peace during the storms of life.
  • He offers us brilliant strategies for all situations.
  • He enjoys talking to us as much as we enjoy talking to Him.
  • He also speaks to us for a million other reasons.

The Bible uses the term “prophecy” as a label for God’s messages to people. A prophecy is simply a message from God.

Sadly, throughout the years, fearful Christians have banned the avenue of prophecy. It’s true, there have been many abuses. We’ve all witnessed the devastating effects of  false prophet.

But still, God wants to speak.

There are ways to protect yourself from false messages.

  • Know that prophecy will never violate the written scriptures.
  • Know also, that the way of character is the will of God.
  • This means that God will never ask you to do something that is immoral or out of good character.

You can learn to distinguish between your own intuition and God’s messages to you.

Remember, I titled this post, “Hear From God Today & Everyday, Guaranteed!”

Here is a great tip…

To actually hear God’s messages, you should discover your primary learning style.

  • Are you mostly kinesthetic (you feel), audio (you hear), or visual (you see)?

This is very important, because God communicates to you either in the form of strong impressions (kinesthetic), or as words in your mind (audio), or through visions and dreams (especially to people who are visual, verses audio or kinesthetic).

Get to know yourself a better, and you will find that you are also better at hearing from GOD.

Here is a powerful verse from the Bible about the importance of prophecy. The apostle Paul spoke these words to the young Pastor Timothy.

“Timothy, my son, here are my instructions for you, based on the prophetic words spoken to you earlier. May THEY [the prophecies] give you confidence to fight well in the Lord’s battles.” (1 Timothy 1:18 NLT)

Hmm, sounds like prophecy was a very big deal in Pastor Timothy’s life.

Your thoughts? Let’s talk about it!

Dream Big,


Let Yourself Be Happy!

Be Happy

Have you ever had a real life good luck streak before?

Honestly, so many good things have happened to me over the past 7 days. Everyday, all day, very, very good things are happening! I can’t believe it.

This streak of blessing is far too sudden, far too extraordinary for coincidence.

I told my daughter, “In times like this, I know there is a God.”

Yes, of course, I have seen God (and worshiped Him) in the low marks of my life too. He doesn’t have to bless me to prove his existence.

But, God is shining on me this week in a financial/material way, and I’m thankful.

For example: On Saturday night, a man gave us his family timeshare, ocean front, Virginia Beach. He also gave us $100 cash. On Sunday we gave away the cash to someone who needed it. Then, on Sunday night, another person (unrelated to this situation) pushed an envelope under our door at home, with another $100 cash.

If you know anything about our past 10 years in ministry, especially our past 4 years, you know that we have sacrificed more than anyone can imagine.

Yesterday morning, I was brushing my teeth in the VA Beach timeshare bathroom, and I smiled at myself in the mirror.

I thought about the blessings and I wondered if there were more to come.

I thought about how guilty I feel when good things happen, as if I don’t deserve God’s blessings.

I didn’t used to think like this. But I’ve been abused by angry, jealous people in recent years, and I’ve developed somewhat of a poverty mindset.

As I considered these things, God said to me, “I am blessing you with my favor! I am going to make you exceedingly happy! Do not fear those who want you to be poor and downtrodden. Do not think that you are any less deserving of material wealth just because you are in ministry. If you had remained in business, you would be a multimillionaire by now. But, you have given your life away to follow My plan for you. I am your provider whether you are in business or ministry. Now, let Me bless you like I really want to! I am for you! I want to lavish My love on you, for the rest of your life. I will eliminate your debts and finance your dreams. Plan your missions to other nations. Build your churches, ministries, and businesses. Dream as big as you can! You have My favor. You cannot fail!”

I could not believe what God was saying to me! No, this was not just something I made up in my own mind. The words came to me without thought. They were loud and clear. They were spiritual, not mental words. This was a message from God.

Do you feel undeserving of God’s blessing?

Would you feel awkward, if God spoke to you like He spoke to me?

Have you also developed a poverty mindset during the years of lack?

Let yourself be happy!

When I was in business, I had no problem enjoying $30,000 per month. I earned that money. I was a big giver. So, I enjoyed my wealth.

But, in ministry, it’s easy to feel bad when someone gives you their one week beach timeshare!

Whether you are in business or ministry, you have to let yourself be happy.

God does not think the way people think. He is a good God.

Too often, we keep ourselves in poverty, because we don’t feel worthy of God’s blessings. He speaks a message to us, like the one He spoke to me, and we turn it down.

“You parents—if your children ask for a loaf of bread, do you give them a stone instead? Or if they ask for a fish, do you give them a snake? Of course not! So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him. (Matthew 7:9-11 NLT)

I’m going to meditate on this message from the Lord. You should do the same.

Dream Big,