Walk Ridiculously Close With God

When you walk close with God, the whole world can fall apart and it doesn’t matter. You’re on cloud 9 because God is felt beating in your heart, and breathing in your lungs. Closeness with God is more fulfilling than any earthly experience.

Walk With God

When you drift away from God, life is a different story. You can have great success, material possessions, and friends galore, but never truly enjoy it.

That’s because…

Closeness with God is the true secret to happiness.

Some people are afraid to do anything more than go to church a few times each month. They’re afraid they might pray too often. They don’t want to be weird, or seen as weird.

Isn’t it sad and ironic to think about how much God loves us, and how much time and effort we spend running and hiding from Him? Why do we follow Him at a far away distance?

We live in a time when anyone claiming a close relationship with God is shunned as a “religious fanatic.” The modern world makes it seem like anyone who actually reads the Bible and prays daily is a Jesus freak.

It is like we’re asking God to leave us alone so we can live as we see best, without having responsibility to Him. But we have no idea, how much we’re missing out.

(Make Me A Legend, Chapter 6)

The Bible says, “And you will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13 NKJV) The Bible also says, “Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” (James 4:8a NLT)

From these verses, it seems obvious to me that God can be sought and found. It seems that He can be close to you, or far away. Do you ever think about this?

Sadly, most people spend their entire lives following God at a far away distance. They’ve never had that awesome moment when God becomes more real than their closest friend.

God is living. He wants to be experienced.

He is reaching out to you now. There is more!

To me, being a Christian is much more than a religious discipline. It’s not meant to be a chore. It’s not about following a set of rules.

There is a place in walking with God, that you are completely swept away with a reality of Him. And until this happens in your life, you will probably struggle to enjoy your religion.

Would you like to have a closer walk with God?

I’ve done it. If there is one thing I have mastered in my own life, it’s this! I didn’t say I’m a perfect person. But, I’ve pushed in for a closer look, and I have walked ridiculously close with God for 23 years.

Here are my 3 secrets to walk ridiculously close with God.

1. Learn To Worship

I’ve heard it said, that worship is about the kind of life you live. I agree, but still, you must learn to worship with ridiculously focused prayers and singing.

Worship to me is about turning off every distraction to become completely unified with God.

Whether it’s for 10 minutes or two hours, you should develop a daily worship routine.

If you’re inexperienced, just break through with your worship one time, then two times and many more times, until you have made this a part of how you experience God every day and every week for the rest of your life.

Keep fighting in your own heart to rivet your attention on God when you are worshiping Him. Let your deepest thoughts flow out to Him. Focus on His beauty. Sing to Him.

The band Jesus Culture sings it like this: I don’t want to talk about You, like You’re not in the room. I want to look right at You, I want to sing right to You. 

Becoming a worshiper comes more naturally for some people than others. If it doesn’t come natural for you, practice until it does. Trust me, this is not as difficult as some of the extraordinary things you’ve mastered in your life.

2. Overcome Your Sins

Sin is like a violent weed growing in a lush vegetable garden, choking the nourishment, stunting growth, and eventually killing the good plants.

We have become a society that no longer overcomes its sins. We are choking, stunted, and dying inside.

We have convinced ourselves of a grace that excuses sin, rather than God’s amazing grace that rushes upon the humble people with unimaginable, overcoming power!

People will tell you it doesn’t matter. They will tell you that God doesn’t care about people living right. But, I have found that when I practice sin in my life, then my fellowship with God is hindered.

You don’t have to be sinless to worship God. Your salvation depends completely on faith in Jesus.

But intimacy is about nearness. And there is something very powerful that happens each time you give up a sinful practice.

Is there something standing between you and God? Is it ruining other relationships too? Give it up for 30 days, and if nothing changes, you can always return to your old life.

3. Love People

No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us. (1 John 4:12 NLT)

This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. If we love each other, God lives in us! And His love is brought to FULL EXPRESSION IN US. Wow.

Can you see why this is on my list of 3 secrets?

There were many days in my life when I felt like God was a million miles away. Circumstances were going from bad to worse, and I wanted to crawl under a rock and die.

But, then I turned the attention away from me and my bad circumstances, and I focused on loving and blessing other people. And in that process, I became ridiculously close with God!

Jesus said, “When you did it to one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you were doing it for me!” (Matthew 25:40 NLT)

Spend a very big part of your life giving to others. Give love. Give mercy. Give second and third chances. Give money and things. Give your time.

There is something about God’s presence and how rich it is when you give your life to serve others. Do something selfless for someone else each day, and you will see Jesus more and more in your life.

Act on these 3 secrets today and see what happens. 1. Learn to worship. 2. Overcome your sins. 3. Love people.

Become ridiculously close with God, and stay that way for the rest of your amazing life.

Question: What are your secrets to walk ridiculously close with God? Leave your comments.

Turn Up Your Passion

You have to want this new life, more than you’ve wanted anything before it. So, let go of the past and reach for the future. Blood, sweat, and tears—if that is what it takes! Because, your dreams are not just going to happen. You have to rise each day, and run like a winner, to be one.

Today’s snippet comes from page 7 in my new e-workbook Here To There – Mapping Your Next Steps. Get your FREE copy, when you subscribe to this website.

Mastering The Disciplines Of Success

Do you ever wonder how some people actually rise from the lowest bottom to lead the world around them? It’s amazing! They are just like everyone else, and then BAM! Suddenly they are powerful! Then, everyone else says, “How did they do that?”

Tribes - Seth Godin

In this world, there are struggling followers and strong leaders

Everyone starts out struggling. I have struggled for most of my life. But, in recent years, I have definitely shifted into the strong leader category! Let me show you how.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve lived far below your potential for far too many years. You’ve had what it takes to be on top of the world. But for some strange reason, you’ve only implemented a small fraction of the knowledge you have.

There are a thousand secrets to success. I’m not claiming to have the one end all secret. But this is a big one! For me, this is the spark that set the forest ablaze.

Here’s the secret:

You will master the disciplines of success, when you realize that others depend on you to lead the way. Until then, you will be weak and inconsistent, begging and wishing for others to carry you forward.

From this secret, there are 3 principles I want you to learn. With these principles, you can master the disciplines of success.

1. Disciplines are “sparked” in people.

All big change is like this. When it happens, it happens fast. It starts in your spirit or in your mind. First a spark, then an all consuming fire that can’t be stopped.

Suddenly, the struggle is over, and you’re the expert. You’re the new teacher, mentor, and coach. Suddenly, you’re more disciplined than anyone you know. Everything you’ve seen others doing with ease, you are now doing with ease. It’s as if you’ve been given a superpower.

For me, the spark began as this epiphany I’m sharing with you today. I had just finished a 3 mile run, where I had confessed my affirmations for the entire distance. I felt more blessed and confident then ever in my life. I realized I had been like this for at least 6 months. So I asked myself, “How did I get here?”

As I listened for the answers, I heard these words in my head: You will master the disciplines of success, when you realize that others depend on you to lead the way. Until then, you will be weak and inconsistent, begging and wishing for others to carry you forward.

This was the spark for me. Perhaps it will be the spark for you.

2. Disciplines increase with a greater self-image.

You are supposed to be the new teacher, but you’re stuck thinking like a loser in the same old school desk chair.

You already know how to launch into orbit, but you lack the confidence to stand up and say, “I AM THE ONE!”

Remember I said, “You will master the disciplines of success when you realize that others are depending on YOU to lead the way.”

The older teachers have been passing away, and there has been room for you for a very long time. The only thing you need is a greater self image.

By this time, you ought to be teachers yourselves, yet I feel like you want me to reteach you the most basic things that God wants you to know. (Hebrews 5:12a The Voice)

Hurry up! Get it!

Because it’s your turn to be the man or woman everyone else wants to become. It’s your turn to LEAD THE WAY.

This is your natural next step. But, to take this step, you must believe it.

3. Disciplines generate a whole new way of life.

When you master the disciplines of success, you will wake up each morning on a schedule, and with a plan. You will follow that plan with stellar determination, and feel very good about it.

When you master the disciplines of success, you will actually live a healthy lifestyle, instead of 2-3 failed diets each year. You will be the runner you’ve pretended to be.

When you master the disciplines of success, you will be the leading sales person in your company, or next in line for that huge promotion. You will create the exact kind of life you want to have. I promise.

You will be more focused, more balanced, and more successful then everyone in your circle.

Once again, these are 3 great principles for mastering success. They will work if you really learn them.

  1. Disciplines are sparked in people.
  2. Disciplines increase with a greater self-image.
  3. Disciplines generate a whole new way of life.

You can go from follower to leader right now! You can step straight into that new way of life from your dreams. It’s been within your reach for a very long time, and now it’s yours.

But, you must stop begging and wishing for others to carry you forward.

Believe that you are right now ready to rise and be powerful.

There are other strugglers out there longing for you to get the victory. They need you to lead the way, so that they grow into the change (and then lead the way for others).

This is your moment to be uncommonly powerful. No one can believe this for you.

Something radical wants to happen in your spirit and mind.

When it happens, you won’t even recognize your own face in the mirror!

It sounds impossible, but you CAN be just as strong as those people you idolize.

Here is the secret, one more time:

You will master the disciplines of success, when you realize that others depend on you to lead the way. Until then, you will be weak and inconsistent, begging and wishing for others to carry you forward.

Question: What would happen in your life, in 12 months, if you really decided to lead the way? Leave your comments.

We Are Here, For The Sake Of Each Other

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I cherish national freedom. Like many others, I pray for American troops daily. I thank God for the courageous men and women serving in our military today. I also thank God for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I ask God to comfort their families.

Memorial Day

Today has me thinking about heroes and mentors.

Albert Einstein once said, “From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: that we are here for the sake of each other. . .above all for those upon whose smile and well-being our own happiness depends, and also for the countless unknown souls with whose fate we are connected by a bond of sympathy. Many times a day I realize how much my own outer and inner life is built upon the labors of my fellow men, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received.”

It’s true, we are here for the sake of each other.

Many times a day (like Einstein) I too realize how much my own outer and inner life is built upon the labors of my fellow men, both living and dead. I tried to make a list, but soon realized that it was endless. These are just a few of my heroes and mentors.

  • Jesus: He gave His life to give me eternal life and the fullest kind of life on earth.
  • Military: There are 2.7 million dead and wounded who gave their lives in combat for my country. All gave some, and some gave all.
  • Wife: She loved me before I was lovable. She forged me with her faith into the man she always knew I could become.
  • Family: Mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., who gave their lives to raise me.
  • Mentors: There are business and spiritual mentors like Mike Ferry, Tom Ferry, Donald Sheets, Melvin Sweeney, Marion Dalton, and many others who gave their lives to make me a leader.
  • Ministry Leaders: There are the leaders at Destiny Family Center. Books could be written about each of them. And still, you would never image how much they’ve given.

There are so many more people I could mention! My life and successes are not by chance. Everything is a gift.

I was carried to this point. And so were you.

Tell me, who carried you? Write your heroes on this wall, in a comment to this post.

As you celebrate Memorial Day, thank God for all who sacrificed something (little and big), to give you this great life.

Then, make a decision, that you will exert yourself more than before, to give in return as much as you have received (and much more).

Live like your heroes. Mentor others. Because after all, we are here for the sake of each other.


  1. In the past, how have you honored your heroes and mentors?
  2. In the future, what are new ways you can honor your heroes and mentors?
  3. How are you exerting yourself in order to return as much as you have received?
  4. Who are the 2-5 people you are currently mentoring?
  5. In the future, how will you mentor others more effectively?

Leave a comment.

Image: The Christian Journal

Start With A Vision

In the beginning, God created the universe. Before the beginning, God had a vision of the worlds He intended to make. So, the universe began in God mind. 1. God thought. 2. God spoke. 3. God did. This is the way God creates. And since people are made in God’s image, this is the way we create things too.

Man Thinking

Think about what I’m saying. Nothing is made until it is first imagined. Each innovation begins as an intangible thought conceived in an open mind, then born (or manifested) with corresponding actions.

If you want to do something great with your life, know this…

Every difference made in this world starts as a vision in someones mind.

But why are so many people living below the life they desire, and the level of difference they wish to make?

It’s because they are skipping steps 1 and 2. Instead, they start with step 3. They wake each morning, and they hit the ground running aimlessly. They spend little time thinking (or dreaming and imagining), and little time speaking (or communicating their visions to others).

  1. God thought.
  2. God spoke.
  3. God did.

Do you have time to think? Do you have time to meditate in the Bible and pray for God’s direction? Do you have a crystal clear vision for the kind of life you’re supposed to have? Do you know with certainty, you are blazing the right trails?

Or, do you have too much uncertainty about your future? Are you hesitating to act like you know you can, because you’re not confident about your next actions?

You can wing it, like bullets flying in every direction with little chance of hitting the target. Or you can become like an arrow shot straight at the center bullseye!

Start with a vision!

No matter who you are and how good you are at life planning, there is always a more crystal clear vision of your future waiting to be imagined.

This is big key to success.

This is why I spend so much of my life helping people to think and dream.

Here are 3 actions you can take right now to awaken your mind and spirit, and see a better vision.

  1. Get my free eWorkbook (Here to There  Mapping Your Next Steps), and schedule 3-5 hours to complete it.
  2. If you can, sign up for coaching.
  3. Attend Spark* 2014 next week at Destiny Family Center. Or attend a few prayer meetings in your hometown.

Why did I included Spark* 2014 in my list of 3? Because I believe there is no better way to catch a vision of your future then to sit in a prayer meeting with an open journal.

Questions: What is your vision? Is it clear? How committed are you, to looking harder and seeing more? Leave your comments.

The Noah Movie – Are You Missing The Real Opportunity?

I’ve read through a plethora of negative reviews from Christians on the social network. I think I’m sticking my neck on a chopping block, but here are my thoughts just in case anyone cares to know. lol


The Noah movie wasn’t written and produced by Billy Graham and Pope Francis. It comes to us from people who are outside of the faith. Of course it’s biblically inaccurate. I explained this to our church several times during my Noah Message Series: Surviving The End at DFC.

When I see this film on Monday, I’m looking for those moments when I can say, “Wow, this is really how it could have been!” I want to see myself through Noah’s eyes, as I go about to save my world. I hope for at least one big spiritual epiphany and a resulting encounter with God.

I also expect to be irritated just like everyone else, about how God is depicted in certain scenes. Maybe much more than irritated.

Maybe, I’ll want to join with so many others in damning this movie straight to hell.

But… (brace yourself)

Why focus on how much you hate this movie, and miss a huge opportunity to start up real discussions with real people about who God really is?

Some people live on a soap box, ranting about the things they hate. Who knows, maybe they’re doing good in some bizarre way… like shoving back the tide of evil or something.

But, I think there is a better way. That is, to seize the better opportunity!

A Better Response

Wipe off your angers. Chill out! Pray about it. See the bigger picture. Millions of people around the world are watching a movie about Noah! They have questions.

They might want to talk about it.

And, so far all they’re getting from us is a bunch of “God Hates The Noah Movie” signs waving in their faces.

I suggest you channel your energies in another direction. 

First, go see the movie. Or not. That’s up to you.

Then, start up meaningful, heartfelt conversations about Noah with your family and friends. In humility, ask real questions and have real discussions. Like…

  • Did you see the Noah film?
  • What did you think?
  • How did it make you feel about God?
  • What is your religious background?
  • What are your questions about the God of the Bible?

Do you see what I mean? Do you see the difference you can make?

Or, you can stand there waving your sign.

Haha, don’t hate me too. I’m just giving you an alternative response. Maybe I’m wrong. But I doubt it. What would Jesus do?

Question: How are you impacting unchurched and unbelieving people? Leave a comment.

Is The Bible Written By Two Gods?

Have you ever wondered how God could be so cruel and merciless in the Old Testament, and yet, so loving and merciful in the New Testament? At a fast glance, it could seem like the Bible was written by two gods. Am I right?


In January, I started to read the Bible again. It’s been my annual routine for 23 years. Sometimes 2-3 times a year. There is no greater way to hear from God, than to read His living book.

This time, I’ve really noticed God’s judgment in the Old Testament. Of course, it’s hard to miss. But, as the modern Church has spread God’s message of grace, judgement has become increasingly difficult to accept.

How can a judgmental God from Old Testament be the same loving God we see in the New Testament? Here are my answers.

God is perfect love. God is also perfect justice.

  • Love and justice.
  • When God made Adam and Eve, He gave them one commandment.
  • They broke that one commandment. They sinned, and became sinful.

Sin raised a barricade between God and people.

  • Because God is justice, He can’t offer pardons without penalties, even though He loves.
  • So there they were, separated from fellowship with the creator.
  • They couldn’t come close to God, without being destroyed.

Justice demanded judgment and a penalty.

  • God was reaching out, and we were reaching back, but the barricade was there.
  • God longed to give us mercy. He wanted to be near us.
  • But, how would God reach us?
  • He had a plan.
  • God promised that He would come to earth as one of us, and that HE would satisfy His perfect justice by suffering the full penalty of our sins.
  • This is what He did.

Jesus came here, lived sinless, was crucified, not for His own sins, but for the sins of the world.

  • Now God offers unearned grace to everyone in the world who will accept His pardon.
  • He gives mercy and forgiveness to all who enter into a relationship with Him, though Jesus.
  • How can He do this?
  • Because love satisfied the stern demands of justice!

The Old Testament is an illustration of life, before there was a savior.

  • Every judgment of God is justified, because without God’s salvation, every person is filled with sin. 
  • The Old Testament is a perpetual reminder of mans helplessness. 
  • The New Testament, with its Gospels about Jesus, is an announcement that should evoke gratitude and thrill like nothing else. 

This is why we make such a big deal about Easter!

  • The crucifixion of Jesus is more beautiful than anyone will ever comprehend.
  • Today, we take God’s grace for granted. 
  • Don’t do that.
  • Read the Old Testament and learn about God’s perfect righteousness, and His justice.
  • Read the New testament and learn about God’s perfect love.

Live a life that is worthy of what Jesus did for you.

What are you waiting for? Return to your God! Commit yourself in love, in justice! Wait for your God, and don’t give up on him—ever! (Hosea 12:6 MSG)

As you can see, the Bible was written by one author, The Author Of Life. It is one beautiful message about creation of mankind and our fall into sin. It is about justice, and sacrifice, and love, and grace!

Questions: How have you experienced God’s love and grace? How are you making it count in your every day life? Leave a comment.

Image by: Sheila Lee

LA Dream Center Turning Nightmares Into Dreams

I hate to think about how many details I’ll forget with time. I’m looking out my window at the city of LA. The view is spectacular. I am at the pinnacle of my life. It’s like I want to die right here, because I want to freeze yesterday for all eternity. But then God says, you don’t have to live in this moment forever, because you will have a thousand more! This is a photo we captured from the roof of the LA Dream Center.

LA Dream Center

The Omni Hotel found out I was speaking at Angelus Temple and they upgraded us to the Presidential Suite. Besides, this is one of the finest hotel properties in LA! God bless Alex, Toi, and Mia for making that happen for us. If I lived in this town, I would invite them to our leadership team.

Yesterday, my family went on a tour of LA. They ran into Mike Tyson and returned to me with laughter and stories. I stayed back at the hotel, and I worked on my message outline. I rehearsed my complete message out loud 3 times. I had never been more prepared for anything in my life.

At 5pm we had a personal tour of the LA Dream Center, with Pastor Matthew Barnett. We stood on the roof looking as far as the eye could see in every direction. This is the place where Nightmare On Elm Street was filmed.

Today, nightmares are turning into dreams in this city for thousands of destitute people because of the Dream Center!

They have 700 residents living there each night. There is no place in the world that is more inspirational than the LA Dream Center. Forget the Grand Canyon, everyone should come here at some point in their lives.

Each time we entered a new wing of their hospital, people were lined down the sides cheering and high fiveing us as we walked through. Then someone stood forward and shared an unforgettable story.

One lady was a recovering prostitute.

A man held his two children close, and he thanked God for putting him in the Dream Center last week so he could have his children back.

In the women’s substance addiction wing, we walked through their bedrooms. I noticed the photo’s on their walls were a constant reminder of why they were there.

God, please help them to hold on. Give them the lives they cry for.

At 6:45pm, we were driven 1/2 mile to the Angelus Temple. I’ll never forget what it felt like to see that place all lit up, with lines of people going in.


At 7:03pm, we were brought into the sanctuary. Worship was as #unbelievable. I kept looking around, and thinking who am I to be here speaking tonight?

Emily leaned in to me and said, “I’m so proud of you Charlie. You are the greatest man I know, and you deserve this moment.”

I promise you, I’ve never fought so hard to keep my tears from bursting out.

Then, I was introduced and invited to the platform. I had chills at times, as God moved in my heart. The message was clear. It was well received with hearts wide open.

In the end, a few hundred people packed into the front for salvation and prayer. I signed books for an hour before I had to leave.

Some people cried as we shook hands. They held tight and thanked me for changing their lives. Many of them said that last night was a matter of life and death for them, and God used me to save them.

We had a magical dinner with Pastor Matthew & Caroline Barnett. They are a most beautiful couple. At least ten times, I thought, “I can’t believe we’re sitting here laughing and living life with these amazing people.”

It’s rare to see that much kindness and humility in people who have succeeded like they have.

At the dinner table, they personally invited our son Coree to go with their human trafficking team tomorrow night from 1-5am. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for him. I can’t imagine how this will change his life.

On Sunday, I’m running the LA marathon with Emily. Then we might go seal watching. Disney Land on Monday!

This is one of the greatest weeks of my life. Thank you  for sharing it with me. I hope you are inspired to reach for your own dreams. It’s  amazing how far your life can go in 23 years of following Jesus. I owe everything to Him.

Dream Big,


60 Days & A Cancer Miracle

Do you wonder if God actually does miracles today? Today’s story might convince you! A miracle is happening in my hometown for a dear friend in my home church.


When I speak overseas, there are hundreds of people who claim they are healed in our meetings. Being the skeptic that I am sometimes, I always do whatever I can to confirm that an actual miracle has occurred. Still, there is no doubt for me, I’ve seen it too many times. There is a God, and He does miracles.

Today’s interview with Hugh Henderson is highly credible.

Hugh is with a man with tremendous high character and influence. He is arguably, the most intelligent person I’ve ever known. He is the founder of Appalachian Homeless Mission. His story sticks straight to the facts. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true! Hugh was cared for by competent and compassionate doctors, one of whom did a minor procedure to achieve a fully natural approach and to avoid a need for the use of drugs or chemotherapy.

May this miracle fill you with hope today. There is no sickness that is too far gone. God can turn it around for you.

Amazingly, this is not the only story we have to tell. We give all the credit to Jesus, the healer. What’s happening here can happen anywhere in the world. We’ve focused on the bigness of God. We’ve established a culture of faith. People are believing and praying, and beautiful things are starting to happen.

Here are some thoughts from a recent message I spoke about the bigness of God…

God is good to everyone. He rains on the just and the unjust. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. He is good! In the past, even when you couldn’t see Him, He was always there for you. You might not feel like it lately, but He is there.

God is bigger than your fears, and your circumstances. There is nothing He can’t do. Everything He has is yours, for your good future, and for the accomplishing of His plan. God is wisdom and favor, healer of every sicknesses and disease. God is love—to be lived through you. He is peace that passes all understanding. He is all of this and so much more.

It’s important that you, think about Him OFTEN… that you actually experience Him and know Him—not just about Him.

Your thoughts about Him make a bigger difference than you can imagine… because the object of your attention has the influence and power over your life.

What you focus on, get’s bigger. You can’t make God bigger than He is, but you can make Him bigger in your life. Most people spend too much time concentrating on the bad things. They attract disaster, because they think about it all the time. But, what would happen if you ever got a true picture of God’s bigness? He is Incredible. He is power to change. He is here now. (and) He is love.

I hope this interview increases your concept of God, and positions you for greater things.

Celebrate with Hugh: SHARE this post with your friends!

In the video, we offered to pray for you. Visit us at Destiny Family Center sometime. We’d love to make good on the offer!

Too far away for a visit? Post your requests. Our prayer team loves to pray.

Merry Christmas!!

Dream Big,


Image from Little Irish Beauty Box


We’re Blessing 2500 People In 25 Days

Our church is blessing 2500 people in 25 days! We’re only asking for 100 people to commit. But, maybe we can make it 1000 people giving 25,000 gifts for 25,000 testimonies in 25 days. Can we count you in??

25 Days Of Giving

Simply choose ONE PERSON or FAMILY each day that you want to bless. Be random, creative, and courageous. If you’re on a limited budget, give the gifts that don’t cost money. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Visit a lonely elderly person (with or without a wrapped gift).
  • Praise your waitress with a gigantic tip.
  • Buy lunch for the person in line behind you.
  • Drop off a wrapped gift at your neighbor’s house.
  • Mend an old friendship with the gift of forgiveness.
  • Leave a gift in the mailbox for your mail carrier.
  • Bake cookies and give them away (if you make good cookies, lol).
  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken with in years.
  • Go eat lunch with a child at school (with parents permission).
  • Find a person who is going through rough times, invite them to coffee, and listen.
  • Take a bag of groceries to a single parent’s house.
  • Watch someone’s kids and send mom and dad on date night with a restaurant gift card.
  • Give movie tickets to a family.
  • Invite someone to your house for dinner.

On December 1-25 use hashtag #25DaysOfGiving on Twitter and Facebook to inspire others with your giving experiences. Post photo’s when possible.

Here is a story to get it started:

A few days ago, I was buying lunch at the Charlotte Airport and a very sweet lady told me it was her birthday. So, I whispered shhh, and handed her $20. I’ll never forget her reaction. #25DaysOfGiving

Christianity is not completely satisfying when it’s centered on you. It only really works when you reach the “give yourself away” level. Jesus said, “Give, and it will be given to you. To be great, be a servant to others. To find your life, lose it (or, give it away).” I have tested these verses and found them to be true.

But you might say, who am I that I can bless anyone else? What do I have to give? If you will ask God to help you help others, He will do that! Just think, we can be like Santa’s elves. Even better, we can be like real disciples of Jesus!

Now, write a list of 25 people you want to bless. Leave room to be spontaneous with the people you meet. Start each morning with this prayer: Dear God, make me a significant blessing to someone today. Then, let the giving begin. Post your stories to Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #25DaysOfGiving. That’s it!

Please comment this blog with your thoughts and ideas.

Have fun!!

Dream Big,