Chuck Balsamo.

Chuck is an extraordinary life expert guiding champs to the 3 summits of wellness, success, and impact. In his 20’s Chuck built one of the top real estate teams in the nation. From there, he’s built a vast platform of influence and added numerous layers of knowledge and experience in personal development and business! Today, Chuck speaks all over the world to audiences above 100K people in stadiums and conferences. Chuck coaches entrepreneurs, artists and business professionals earning $100K to multiple millions in annual profits, and getting the extraordinary life they want to have. Follow Chuck on everything, and join the conversations.

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If you knew your life was almost over, would you write a farewell to your survivors? Although Chuck’s time isn’t almost over, he wrote his message to those he loves—his family and you. He studied people’s dreams and forecasted their biggest challenges, and then sealed his imperative lessons in Make Me a Legend.

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The Extraordinary Circle

In 2012, I started a coaching company. Since then, I’ve worked with world-class executives, business owners, and famous artists in TV and Music. My clients have scaled from $250K to $1M to $5M and beyond, while living an extraordinary life work balance! 

Now, I’m starting my first ever masterminds—for extraordinary people, made more extraordinary together! 

When you sign up, you’ll benefit from having me as your weekly mastermind facilitator, and from having the synergy of 7 other superstars in your mastermind.

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Client Testimonials.

During the first 6 months of working with Chuck, my business grew by 200%. Overall, my business revenue has increased by 600% over the past few years! Chuck's energy and his voice of encouragement are a constant force in my development! Because he lives by the same principles he teaches, there is a power and credibility to everything he says. Hiring Chuck hasn't just changed my business; it's changed my life!- Mark Keen, Transformation Coaching LLC
Just out of high school, I asked Chuck to coach me based on his enormous success in Real Estate. I immediately put into practice, his powerful tools and scripts! The year before I met Chuck, my sales were a dismal $12,000 and I was shy and unproductive. Two years later, I was earning six digits working 4–5 days a week! Today, I have one of the top real estate teams in the country and my life is amazing!- Andrew Costa, Costa Group, Keller Williams
Chuck is a cheerleader and visionary helping me to expand on my talents for the betterment of others. He always sees what’s next, and provides me with real life strategies for reaching the next level. On top of it all, he is a fun person! Chuck is more than a mentor to me, he feels like family. I am forever grateful for the impact he has created in my life millions of others who have heard my songs!- Danilyon, Recording Artist
We searched for years to find a coach like this! Chuck is ridiculously well read, and has the experience to back it all up. He's by far the best coach we’ve hired in our 12-year business and personal growth journeys. We're better at business, better at marriage, and better at life because Chuck has shown up for us again and again. If you're looking to own up to your life, say goodbye to your excuses and start with Chuck!- Shane & Karmen Feist, Flipping Houses Simplified
Chuck is a combination of three characters. Winston Churchill, Doc Brown from Back To the Future and Tigger from Winnie The Pooh. He is a believer! Not just in the spiritual sense, but a believer in humanity, in visions, and in you. He believes in you so much that he automatically causes you to believe in yourself and your goals.- Matt Nefff, Entreneato Podcast

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